Toph is one of the best characters on Avatar: The Last Airbender (TV Series). The fact that she is blind makes her character even makes her more interesting. As even without sight she is easily ranked among the top Earthbenders of the Avatar universe. She even went on to develop Metalbending, a technique previously thought impossible. She used the grains of Earth inside the metallic structures to accomplish this feat. But apart from all these accomplishments, she is even more famous among Avatar fans because of her comic timing. Toph is responsible for some of the best comedy quotes on the show.

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And in this article, we will list some of the best Toph quotes that we think are worthy of making our list. Toph was not only an extremely skilled bender but was also the character responsible for giving us some of the funniest scenes on the show. She even called Aang Twinkle-toes. And in The Legend of Korra, she still called Aang twinkle-toes. And when Korra locates Toph for the first time in the swamp, she again refers to Korra as twinkle-toes.

Toph Quotes

In this section we have listed some of the best Toph quotes that we think deserve to be on this list.

Quote No 1


Toph used to call Aang twinkle-toes because he was light on his feet. And during their first encounter in “The Blind Bandit” Aang attacked Toph in their duel using his Airbending ability. Because of this Toph could not sense the Avatar and lost the match after being pushed out of the ring.

Quote No 2

“I Can Tell You’re Lying!”

This amazing quote is a testament to the heightened senses that Toph possesses. When Katara says that she never had feelings for Jet, Toph says this quote indicating that she could sense her feelings for jet.

Quote No 3

“The Obedient, Little Helpless Blind Girl That You Think I Am Just Isn’t Me. I Love Fighting. I Love Being An Earthbender.”

This was the iconic quote that Toph said to her parents when they discovered their daughter’s bending abilities. In response to this show of emotions, her father ordered her to increase her security full time as she was blind.

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Quote No 4

“I Am The Greatest Earthbender In The World! Don’t You Two Dunderheads Ever Forget It!”

This was the iconic quote that Toph said when she invented metal bending and freed herself from the metallic chest she was imprisoned in. She then went on to trap Xin Fu and Master Yu inside the same chest they had locked her previously. She said this quote after trapping both of them and broke out of the metallic prison.

Quote No 5

“There’s No Different Angle, No Clever Solution, No Trickity Trick That’s Gonna Move That Rock. You Gotta Face It Head On.”

We all know that Toph is not the easiest of teachers. And when she was teaching Aang Earthbending, it was particularly difficult for him to learn. This was because Earthbending was the exact opposite of Airbending so it was difficult for him naturally.

Toph said this quote to Aang after he was trying to do Earthbending with the Airbender mindset.

Quote No 6

“It’s Upside Down, Isn’t It?”

When the Team Avatar was searching for Appa in Ba Sing Se, they were pasting the fliers with Appa’s image all over the city. But to cover more ground Sokka proposed to split up and asked Toph to stick with him. Toph takes offense to this comment and tries to prove that she’s perfectly capable of taking on the task on her own. She defiantly slaps a poster onto the wall, but it’s facedown. After which she says this quote making her comment that much funnier.

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Quote No 7

“Oh, Sokka! You Saved Me!”

This quote is from one of the most memorable scenes of the series. When Toph falls into the water after the ice bridge breaks. Suki saves her from drowning but Toph thinking that her savor is Sokka says this quote. But on realizing that it is Suki who saved her her follow-up comment is even more priceless. She said “Oh. Well. You can go ahead and let me drown now.”

Quote No 8

“I’m Beginning To Wonder Who’s Really The Blind One Around Here.”

When Zuko approaches the Team Avatar at the Western Air Temple and offered to join them as well as train Aang. The team said no and sent him away. To which Toph said this quote to the rest of the team realizing the importance of Zuko for their team.

Quote No 9

Look! There it is! [Everyone turns around excitedly, but it’s not there.] That’s what it will sound like when one of you spots it.

Toph says this quote mocking her blindness in the most badass way possible.

Quote No 10

“I Am Not Toph, I Am Melon Lord!”

When the team Avatar are training Aang for his fight against Firelord Max Ozai. In this regard they prepare a dummy of the Firelord and ask Toph to act his part. At this time Toph introduces herself as the Melon Lord by saying this quote.


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