In the Avatar universe, there are 4 basic types of bending abilities. These are based on the four elements, namely Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. Each bending capability is unique and has its properties. All 4 nations were kept separate for most of the Avatar history. This was because the Avatars considered the mixing of all the nations as a threat to world peace. In this article, we will look at Firebending in complete detail and how fire benders use their bending abilities.

Moreover, this article will also explore the time of the first Avatar and how he established peace between different bender nations and the spirit world.

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History of Firebending

In the Legend of Korra, we witness the time of the first Avatar named Avatar Wan. At this time, we see that human colonies are established on top of giant lion turtles while the spirits roam the Earth freely. The lion turtles grant the bending ability to select people that need to go to the mainland for food. These people are only supposed to use these bending abilities for their protection from spirits.

We see that Wan gets the Firebending ability from a lion turtle but does not return it. Instead, he uses it inside the city against the elite and steals food for the poor. As punishment, he is banished from the city. He then roams the world, and lives with the spirits and masters Firebending from the dragons themselves. Wan unknowingly free Vaatu from Raava, who then wreaks havoc on Earth by turning spirits dark. He then joins Raava and masters the remaining bending elements under Raava to defeat Vaatu.

At the time of Harmonic convergence, Raava and Wan fuse to form the Avatar spirit and capture Vaatu by defeating him. Wan then sends all the spirits back to the spirit world and closes all the portals so that nobody can disrespect the spirits or release Vaatu even by accident. Wan then tries to remove the differences between people from different bender nations but fails. In his last scene, he is killed on a battlefield trying to maintain peace.

Afterward, the later Avatars separate all the bender nations so they can live in harmony. After that, the world lived in peace, and the nations did not mix until Fire Lord Sozin started his hundred-year war. He started establishing colonies in different nations and razed all the Air temples.

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Uncle Iroh explained, “Fire is the element of power, consisting of overpowering force tempered by the unflinching will to accomplish tasks and desires.” Firebending is different from all other bending arts in that other bending arts require the control of already existing elements like Earth, Water, and Air. While in Firebending, every firebender needs to create Fire using his chi. Before the hundred-year war, every firebender used to derive their energy from the sun and follow the dragons. This inspiration changed during the war to anger, lust, and personal gain.

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This fact is also visible in Avatar: The Last Airbender; when Zuko joins Aang, he loses his will as a firebender. This is because his firebending was based on the aim of capturing the Avatar. So when he joined the Avatar instead, he lost the ability to firebend.

Aang and Zuko then travel to the Sun Warriors, where they meet the last surviving dragons, who show them the dance of the dragons. They also discover that Fire does not meet destruction, and it can be as beautiful as other elements.

Abilities of a Firebender

Every Firebender is usually offensive while fighting. Firebenders can create all sorts of isolated and charged attacks. Those who have mastered this bending form can even control the size and intensity of the Fire they make.

Firebending is enhanced when a comet passes by Earth. Fire Lord Sozin and Fire Lord Max Ozai used Sozin’s comet to display unmatched Firebending powers and skills. Blue Fire is even more powerful than the traditional Fire, and we saw Azula master it skillfully.

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Firebenders can also attack with lightning bolts, and we saw Ozai and Azula produce this lightning-bending. Another form of this bending is combustion bending. We also saw Uncle Iroh and Zuko lightning-bend by redirecting lightning attacks.

A Firebender can also use his bending abilities to create jet propulsion and fly. We saw Azula use this capability for extended periods. Firebender can also use defensive mechanisms by creating Firewalls in front of them to prevent any incoming attacks.

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Like all other bending arts, Firebending is also a fascinating art with several special types.

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