The Blue Spirit is the 13th episode of Book One: Water of the Avatar, The Last Airbender series. The episode debuted on the 17th of June, 2005.

Much as we came to fully find out, Aang is loyal to a fault. One of the oddest conversations one can choose to have with an enemy is asking if they could be friends in another life.


The Blue Spirit is an episode in Book One. It is also the identity of a masked rebel that always stood against Zhao. But who is the Blue Spirit?

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Who is The Blue Spirit?

The Blue Spirit is an alter ego that is used by Princess Zuko of the Fire Nation. The Fandom is not entirely sure why Prince Zuko assumed the alter ego, The Blue Spirit. Much speculation is that he did it simply to be able to handle certain things he could not handle without his face being seen.

The Blue Spirit fights with twin swords, never fire bending even though there is a fire bender behind the mask. The idea is to keep his identity a secret.

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The Blue Spirit Episode

The Blue Spirit as earlier mentioned is an episode that is specially dedicated to the Blue Spirit. It is an episode that mostly introduced the character to the screen and gave room for development all through the series moving forward.

In the beginning of the episode, Zhao is promoted to admiral and he then enlists the help of a group of professional archers called the Yuyan Archers. Meanwhile, our heroes come down with a nasty case of the flu. Sokka and Katara had become sick due to being exposed to a storm previously. This leaves just Aang and puts him in a shot. He has to go to a herbalist to find a cure. After he gets the cure, he is caught by the Yuyan Archers and imprisoned by Zhao. The cure is to suck in some frogs.

A strange warrior with a blue mask comes to rescue him from Zhao’s clutches and they escape together. Aang later finds out as the warrior is knocked that he is none other than Zuko. He wonders if the two of them could be friends. This leads to the monologue in the opening paragraph of the article. Zuko, choosing to remain enemies, attacks, but Aang, being prepared for it, escapes and cures his friends.

Blue Spirit Scenes

The episode opens with a messenger hawk approaching a Fire Nation fortress. This fortress is called Pohuai Stronghold.

It opens to the courtyard, showing several highly skilled archers practice their skill in the wide stronghold. Commander Zhao and Colonel Shinu are observing them and vehemently arguing. Colonel Shinu has denied Zhao’s request to use the group of advanced bowmen, whom he identifies as the Yuyan Archers, in the commander’s quest to capture the Avatar.

He deems Zhao’s obsession to be a “vanity project” of his rather than a part of the Hundred Year War. As they debate the use of the archers, a hawk arrives with news from Fire Lord Ozai that Zhao has been promoted to admiral.

With his new authority, he tells a grudging Colonel Shinu that his request is now an order. Shinu bows in submission and leaves. Little to  Zhao’s knowledge that a figure clad in dark clothes and a blue mask is perched on the roof above him and has heard the entire conversation. The figure silently retreats into the shadows and faces from the scene unnoticed.

Sokka & Katara’s Post Storm Flu

Meanwhile, the Team has stopped to rest in the ruins of Taku. Katara is caring for an ill and delirious Sokka who is talking nonsense.

Sokka is fully convinced that Appa can talk and that he can now suddenly earthbound. He attempts to display his skills. Katara tells Aang that the illness is a result of his exposure to the storm that he was recently caught in.

Aang comes back from an unsuccessful hunt for ginger root. He sees that Katara has also gotten affected even if she tries to remain brave for a while. Aang returns with a map to a herbalist institute on a nearby mountain. Katara states that Sokka is not in any condition to go there.

She says that all he needs is some rest, just as she begins to cough herself. Katara strongly protests that she is fine. Aang realizes she has the same illness as Sokka and decides to travel to the herbalist alone. He originally wants to take a glider but as lightning flashes across the sky, he thinks better of it and decides to go on foot instead. He then begins running quickly with the aid of his air bending.

Enter The Blue Spirit

Meanwhile, on Zuko’s ship, Lt. Jee is going over a map with Prince Zuko to make plans to continue the search for the Avatar. The ship is suddenly overshadowed by a large Fire Nation Naval ship. This causes Zuko to wonder what they want.

Uncle Iroh, in the middle of a Pai Sho game as usual, speculates rather inaccurately that they may want to play Pai Sho. What they actually came to do was to inform Prince Zuko and his crew that all information regarding the Avatar is to be reported to Admiral Zhao. This makes Zuko boil internally with rage but manages to control himself. They reveal to all present crew members that Zhao has been promoted and is now in charge of the search for the Avatar.

Zuko informs the Fire Nation soldier that he has no information to provide and orders them to get off his ship and let them pass. Zuko and his crew are then informed that Zhao is not permitting the passage of ships in or out of the area.

Even still, Zuko again demands that the soldiers get off his ship. Iroh, seemingly indifferent to the conversation, declares enthusiastically that he has won the pot in his Pai Sho game. He however encourages them in an effort to get them to play again. He says that they almost got him this time.

In the forest, Fire Nation lookouts are hiding out in concealed outposts. One of the guards picks up a wanted poster for the Avatar and comments that it is “pretty amazing.” He says that the Avatar can create tornadoes and run faster than the wind.

The other soldier, who was peering through a telescope, quickly dismisses the claims, calling it Fire Lord propaganda. When Aang soon speeds by, unknowingly wreaking havoc on the outpost, the soldier blows a signal horn to alert others of Aang’s presence.

Meanwhile, Sokka, still sick, begs his sister to get him some water. Katara, weakened by the sudden takeover of the sickness herself, tells Momo to take her water skin to the river and fill it with water. However, Momo does not understand what Katara is saying but he departs with the water skin nonetheless.

Aang Gets Captured

On his quest to find a cure, the herbalist tells him to go to the swamp at the bottom of the mountain. He begins to gather the frogs as he’s been told when the archers ambush and capture him.

Aang is brought back to Pohuai Stronghold, where he is kept secured in a large room, his arms and legs are shackled to two posts to keep him from bending, and the room is guarded by four men.

Zhao enters the room and quickly begins to gloat. He soon points out that Aang’s century-long game of hide and seek with the Fire Nation is over. Angered, Aang challenges him to a duel, but he declines. He then moves on to a trick of his own and asks Aang instead how it feels to be the only Airbender left and whether or not he misses his people.

He does this, taunting him over the murder of his entire people. He tells Aang that he would not be killed like his people were, since that would only result in his reincarnation as the next Avatar. This would require the Fire Nation to hunt him down again.

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Instead, he would be kept alive. He sinisterly hints saying “but just barely.”

As Zhao turns his back and walks away, Aang air bends with his mouth, sending the momentarily inattentive firebender flying off his feet. Zhao gets slammed into the wall and falls briefly to the floor. Getting to his feet, Zhao declares that Aang can blow all the wind that he wants, as his situation is futile since there is no escaping Pohuai Stronghold and no one is coming to rescue him.

Meanwhile, a feverish Sokka asks an equally ill Katara for water again. At this time, all she does is assure him that Momo should return soon. When the winged lemur returned, he however did not fill the water skin. Momo returns and brings them a dead mouse, which he drops on Katara’s chest, much to her disgust. Katara once again pleads with him again for water and Momo departs. Katara then begins to wonder what is keeping Aang.

Blue Spirit saves Aang

Outside the Fire Nation fortress, the figure with the blue mask remains hidden patiently behind the shrubs. He sees his chance when a supply cart passes him by. He swiftly rolls underneath the cart and grabs hold, letting the cart do the rest and get him into the stronghold.

As the cart is halted at a checkpoint, a Fire Nation guard inspects the interior of the vehicle. When he moves to look underneath the cart, the masked figure moves to the other side of the wagon and hides inside, thus gaining access to the heavily guarded fortress. After the cart stops to unload, the figure stealthily sneaks out and makes his way up a nearby staircase.

Inside his cell, Aang hears some commotion and eyes the door with apprehension as the lock is being turned. He gasps as a masked figure enters and unsheathes his dual broadswords. Swinging the weapons, the man advances on Aang, who screams.

To Aang’s surprise, however, the figure slices through his bonds, freeing him. As the figure retreats without saying a word, Aang asks him who he is, what is going on, and wonders if the man is there to rescue him. The figure does not respond, though opens the door and signals for the Avatar to follow him.

Believing he means him no harm, Aang follows him. He passes by the tied-up guard and notices his partially frozen frogs are making their escape through another hallway. Trying to gather them, Aang is pulled away by the masked stranger, though protests loudly that his friends need to suck on the animals.

They eventually are able to leave the fortress in which the Blue Spirit gets knocked out in the process. Aang moves to unmask the face of his helper and gets taken aback to find out its none other than the Fire Nation Prince who wants him in chains. He considers leaving him behind but eventually decides to rescue him. Zuko soon wakes up to Aang’s monologue; he tries to attack the Airbender but Aang, being prepared for this, escapes into the trees.

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