As a character who spilled over from the main show into the spinoff over the course of the series; one question is prevalent. What is Zuko’s Age in The Legend of Korra? Just How Old Is Avatar’s Zuko In The Sequel Series?

The Legend of Korra brought back many fan-favorite characters from the original series, including a much older Zuko.

There is a renewed interest in Avatar: The Last Airbender, as well as the recent release of the follow-up series; The Legend of Korra on Netflix. Some fan-favorite characters have returned much older, including Zuko. Let’s take a look over his life, as well as the major events he’s taken part in over the years. One thing we come to deduce is just what Zuko’s age is in the present day. We’ll also take a look at what else he has been up to in the last seventy years.

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Zuko’s Age In Avatar The Last Airbender

In The Last Airbender, we meet the young prince as disgraced royalty in Book 1. As at this first appearance, Zuko’s age stands at around 16 years old. He was scarred by his father and banished from the Fire Nation three years before; putting Zuko’s age at the start of his journey at 13.

Since Aang’s journey to becoming a fully-fledged Avatar concludes about a year later, Zuko’s age would have been around 17 at the end of the 100 Year War. This is also when he becomes the new Firelord and when the follow-up comics take place. These graphic novels continue over the course of a few years.

70 years later, during the events of The Legend of Korra, Zuko is now retired, having passed the title of Firelord to his daughter Izumi. He first appears in the third season one year later, where it’s clear that Zuko’s old age has yet to affect his fighting capabilities.

Finally, Zuko is last seen accompanying Izumi to the coronation of Prince Wu three years later. This makes Zuko’s age roughly 91 at the end of the franchise. Zuko’s age would also make him the oldest living character from the original series.

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The 70 Year Gap: What Were The Contributions In Zuko’s Age As The Firelord In The Last 7 Decades

After Firelord Ozai’s defeat, Zuko aids Aang and friends in transforming Fire Nation colonies that occupy territory across the Earth Kingdom into cities where benders and non-benders of all nations could live in peace. These areas later become the United Republic of Nations and eventually lead to the creation of Republic City.

Sometime later when Zuko’s age places him between 18 and 19 years old, he searches for his mother, Ursa; who fled from her family after being banished by Ozai several years prior. Upon finding her, he learns she has changed her name and face, and she was happily married. Following this, Zuko spends time getting to know his mother, before returning to his role as the Firelord.

Decades later, he helps imprison Zaheer and other members of The Red Lotus that attempted to kidnap an infant Korra. Where Avatar’s Order of the White Lotus pursued philosophy, beauty and truth, The Red Lotus are bent on ushering in a new world order through chaos, which includes the planned assassination of world leaders and the Avatar, as well as the release of the dark spirit Vaatu.

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The Legend Of Korra: Zuko’s Role

It’s not until Zaheer breaks free from prison in Season 3 that Zuko returns to confront him. After attempts to stop the villain from freeing his allies fail, he informs Korra and company of the situation before retreating to the Fire Nation to protect his daughter.

Following the defeat of Zaheer, Zuko travels to Republic City to pay his respects to an injured Korra. Three years later he accompanies Izumi to the coronation of the Earth Kingdom’s Prince Wu, where he witnesses the Earthbender Kuvira usurp the prince and declare herself the leader of the newly renamed Earth Empire.

While Zuko’s presence in The Legend of Korra is short-lived, his return plays a vital role in Korra’s survival and adds to the sequel series’ rich collection of characters. Through his exploits before and after meeting Aang in the original series, it’s clear the old Firebender has led a long and exciting life as we round up the show with Zuko’s age being about 91 years.

Zuko’s age at every single turn is a clear reminder that you are never too young to change the world. As we see in The Legend of Korra, his age also points out that you are never too old either. 

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