The Legend Of Korra Season 1 Episode 7 is titled “The Aftermath” because it covers the events that follow in the aftermath of Amon’s attack on the Pro-bending Arena. We see how Korra uncovers a truth that leads them to a facilitator of Amon. And how she and her friends are fighting this man and get defeated only to be rescued by an unexpected ally. This is an exciting episode of The Legend of Korra. And some exciting elements are touched on in this episode.

In Avatar: The Last Airbender, all of the members of Team Avatar was relatively young. At the same time, the lead characters in The Legend of Korra are older, making some elements in the show more mature. In the original front, the villains were terrible because they were supposed to be. There wasn’t much character depth explaining why they chose that path. While in The Legend of Korra, every villain has become one for some reason. And makes you ask yourself whether he is the villain or not?

This article will provide a complete summary of The Legend Of Korra Season 1 Episode 7 and elaborate more on such elements.

Summary Of “The Aftermath”

The Legend Of Korra Season 1 Episode 7 begins with a voiceover with a media report in the background. The voice describes how Chief Beifong was powerless against Equalists who only wanted to wage war against the Benders. And can the inhabitants of Republic City remain safe in these dark times? Then the camera shifts towards Korra riding on Naga towards the now closed Pro-bending arena. Korra excitedly tells Mako and Bolin that they can stay at the Air Temple Island as she has permission from Tenzin.

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Both of them tell her that Asami had already invited them to stay at her estate. And that they had accepted her invitation. Both of them are very excited because they will live in a vast mansion. Korra is visibly upset and even feels jealous of Asami. Asami then invites Korra to the estate as well, which she agrees to after insistence from Bolin and Mako.

When Korra arrives at the estate, she is shown the Satomobile test-drive track, and Asami offers to take her for a spin. After their race at the track, Korra uses the Ladies’ powder room, where she overhears Asami’s father, Hiroshi Sato presumably talking to equalists about the next attack. A confused Korra goes to Tenzin and Lin and tells them about Sato.

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Lin’s Action Against Sato

After hearing Korra’s statements, Lin and Tenzin begin to discuss that Sato certainly has the means to sponsor Amon. And they go to the Sato estate for investigation and his factory where no connection to equalists is found. Korra then receives a tip from a man who tells them to meet under the bridge near the factory. Their contact is a worker at Future Industries and a member of the Equalists movement. And reveals that Hiroshi is secretly funding the Equalists. And that he is the one who manufactured the new electrified gloves. The Equalists wore these gloves while attacking the Pro-bending Arena. And it was with the help of these gloves that the attackers were able to neutralize the Republic City Police, that otherwise use a chi-blocking suit.

He also reveals that Hiroshi is working on something new to make the Equalists even more powerful. And also reveals that the reason that Lin did not find anything in the factory because Hiroshi has another factory. And also discloses the location of the secret factory to be under the Sato estate. Tenzin, Korra, and Lin reach the estate. And investigate with the help of Asami, Mako, and Bolin and uncover a secret tunnel to the factory. Lin orders Mako, Bolin, and a now visibly distressed Asami to stay there. While Korra, she, and Tenzin investigate the matter.

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They are then ambushed by Hiroshi and the Equalists, that use Hiroshi’s newest invention, the Mecha tanks. With the help of these tanks, the Equalists defeat Korra, Tenzin, and Lin. But Mako and Bolin arrive to rescue them, but they get trapped until Asami confronts her father. Hiroshi tells her that he is doing this because the Benders took her mother away. And pleads with her to join in on the cause as well. And also hand her a glove. But to his surprise, Asami uses the glove to electrocute Hiroshi himself so Team Avatar to escape.

The Legend Of Korra Season 1 Episode 7 ends with them aboard the Republic City Police Airship, where Mako consoles a grief-stricken Asami.

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Mature Elements

The reason behind Hiroshi supporting the Equalists is revealed to be a very genuine one. And gives his character more depth explaining why he chose to side with the villains. Moreover, the reason why Amon is against the Benders is also revealed in a later episode.

While in The Legend Of Korra Season 1, Episode 7, we see that both Korra and Asami are attracted to Mako. The romantic element is also very mature because all the characters are quite old. While in comparison, the leads of Avatar: The Last Airbender are quite young for a romantic angle to be used correctly in the show.

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