Based on the natural cycle of all the four elements, it starts with Fire, Air, Water, and Earth. The Avatar After Korra would be in the Earth Kingdom.

Avatar Roku was of fire nation descent, followed by Avatar Aang, then Korra. The Avatar after Korra is said to come from the Earth kingdom. 

Although there has been no official announcement of who the next Avatar will be, we do know that the cycle will continue. 

An unsettling fact about the next Avatar is that he or she would be devoid of the wisdom of the past lives. Not even Korra would be able to help the Avatar in their quest. 

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Near the end of The Legend of Korra’s second season, a resurrected Vaatu fought against Korra and Raava. Raava is the light spirit that merged with the Avatar host.

After a series of rapid attacks, the dark spirit Vaatu forcibly removes Raava from Kora, her Avatar host body. Vaatu continues his assault on Korra until she is severed from all of her past lives. Traumatized by the loss of her connection to previous Avatars, like Aang, who might be able to assist her in saving the world and protecting people she loves. Korra marks the first Avatar in 10 thousand years of the long line of Avatars to completely be on her own.

The following years between the end of The Legend Of Korra and the reincarnation of a new Avatar will have to be navigated alone. Korra lost all ties with the previous Avatars and will not be able to help the new Avatar as the link that bonded Avatars together was severed in the battle by Vaatu.

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Loss Of Past Lives 

Future Avatars will not be able to access the wisdom of the past Avatars, including Korra herself. This makes her the Avatar Wan of a new cycle of Avatars that will move on henceforth. 

There is also new evidence that suggests that the new Avatar will not be able to connect to his or her predecessor. 

In a book that was released by Nickelodeon titled An Avatar’s Chronicles, Korra and her friends gave writing advice to the new Avatar after her. 

In one of these letters, Korra writes, “While I know we can’t let our failures define us, I am sorry that you won’t have the connection with me, with Aang, and with all the lives you’ve lived before.” 

This somewhat indicates that even she too will not be able to live on through the next Avatar. But with many of the rules within the Avatar mythology still a little up in the air, it is possible that the new Avatar will attempt to reintegrate all of the Avatar’s past lives.

Appearance Of The Next Avatar

So many theories have gone on to try and predict the appearance of the next Avatar. A debatable theory exists that pertains to the next Avatar’s physical appearance. 

Fans of both Avatar: The Last Airbender and its sequel series, The Legend of Korra may have noticed that Korra shares similar physical features with Aang’s eventual love interest and long-time friend, Katara. Interestingly, when looking back to the previous Avatar, Roku, one might find that his wife Ta Min also looks familiar.

It is theorized that her round face and softer features are reminiscent of Avatar Aang’s as a young man. While evidence to support this fact is very limited, it has been theorized that the next Avatar will share some physical features with the preceding Avatar’s great love.

This theory is fueled by the choice of both Avatar series. It basically features final shots of that series’ Avatar, having saved the world, finally taking a bold new step with the person they love: Aang with Katara and Korra with Asami. 

So, considering this theory, the next Avatar regardless of the gender they would have should likely share some features with Asami, be it her dark hair, green eyes, skin tone, and others. 

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Future Of The Avatar Series 

Despite the uncertainty surrounding the franchise, especially with the recent departure of Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko, the original creators of the live-action adaptation. They indicated that the producers and themselves could not agree on the direction to go, hence tagging creative differences as their rationale for leaving. 

One thing we however know about the series is that the new Avatar will be of Earth Nation descent. He or she will have limited or no access to their previous lives. They might have some resemblance to Asami. Although there has been no official announcement on who this next Avatar will be, fans may have to wait a while before anything is said for sure. But with the reanimated fervor that came with both The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra’s addition to the Netflix catalog, an answer is surely on the way.

Some background information on the Avatar Cycle.

In the world of Avatar, there are four bending styles, each harnessing the power of one of the four elements. 

While Avatars are all capable of mastering all four bending arts with intense training, they are always associated with one primary element.

Taking a look back at the last four Avatars before Korra, it becomes evident that a cycle is followed. It is clear that all four of the elemental bending styles are represented.

Avatar Kuruk, an Avatar that lived around (345-312 Before Genocide or “BG”). He was primarily a water bender

Avatar Kyoshi (312 BG-82 BG) was an earthbender. Avatar Roku was a firebender; and then Avatar Aang was an airbender. 

Taking note that the most recent Avatar, Korra, is another water bender, the pattern that is known often referred to as the “Avatar Cycle” will restart all over. The cycle begins to emerge. Each new Avatar’s primary bending style goes in a patterned order. Fire, air, water, and Earth before it restarts the cycle all over again. This means the next Avatar after Korra will be an earth bender. 

There is a fanfiction that depicts a new Avatar named Jimu who is a bit on the stubborn side, just like Korra. 

The unique thing about the Avatar Cycle and the recurring lives is how each individual has a peculiar thing about them. They ultimately have the ability to dispense great love. 

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