Koh is a very knowledgeable and one of the most ancient spirits in the spirit world of Avatar. He is also referred to as “The Face Stealer” because of his ability to literally steal the faces of other people. Koh is a very mysterious character in the Avatar. And has a very strange type of sadistic personality in the first look. This is due to the fact that he can steal your face and use it whenever he wills.

In this article, we will explore all the information we have on this ancient spirit of the Avatar universe. We only see Koh once in the Avatar: The Last Airbender TV series. We will also elaborate on that encounter between Aang and Koh and what the end result of that meeting came out to be.

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History of Koh In Avatar

Koh is the child of the Mother of Faces and is born to her thousands of years before the start of the hundred-year war. So Koh has had a vast experience of the Avatar world and has become one of the most knowledgeable spirits of the world. He is one of the first spirits that willingly started to interact with humans. And also assumed the role of judge, jury, and executioner for the people Koh believed had done wrong in the world.

He would also willingly chat with someone who is brave enough to face him. Although, most of these meetings would end up with Koh stealing the person’s faces. But this act of talking directly to humans by Koh faced a lot of criticism from other spirits. One of the most notable spirits that did not approve of such behavior by Koh in Avatar is Father Glowworm. Father Glowworm believed that such behavior is not a good example. And this is not how spirits and humans should casually interact.

Appearance of Koh in Avatar

Koh has been portrayed as a huge centipede-like creature with an extremely scary and intimidating look. On top of this huge centipede-like body was the face of Koh. He can change his face to any of the faces that he has stolen over the years. This is extremely scary for someone who faces him. Because Koh uses his face changing ability to intimidate that person so that he can steal that person’s face as well. But a white face with red lips and gray eye markings is the face that Koh wears most often. This is also known as the Noh Mask.


Koh has a very sadistic and intimidating personality. And he constantly tries to intimidate everyone who comes to him, to show even a tiny speck of emotion. This is because if they show even a slightest sign of any emotion then Koh can steal their faces.

He does not care even if the Avatar is in front of him he will still try to steal his or her face. But his actions with Avatar Kuruk show that Koh punished Avatar because of his arrogant nature and his lack of respect for the spirits of the spirit world. And he does not hold a grudge against the different incarnations of the Avatar. He is even willing to help

After listening to this Aang shows signs of an epiphany on his face but thankfully Koh is facing in the opposite direction. And because of this he misses the show of emotion from Aang and is not able to steal his face in this encounter. At the end of this meeting Koh states that they will meet again.


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