Avatar, the Last Air Bender, is one of the greatest franchises of our lifetime. The intricate storyline and immersive world created many unforgettable characters we couldn’t help but get emotionally invested in. You may want to know how some storylines play out like how did Sokka die?

While Netflix’s release of Avatar (mixed with a lot of extra time due to the pandemic) led the show to come back in the limelight, the franchise was one of the most recognizable of our generation. If anything, this popularity only rekindled a passion that was already there.

In fact, the show was so successful; it got a “sequel.” The Legend of Korra was an amazing series. While it did not surpass the original magnificence, it was still amazing and had a lot to offer its audience. Among the new steampunk atmosphere and a new avatar, there were many Easter eggs for fans of the original show.

The Legend of Korra is set after Aang’s death. As the store’s lore goes, Aang is replaced by his reincarnation, Korra, whom the entire story is set around. Although they are quite old by this show’s time, many characters outlived Aang.

We got to experience what happened to some of our favorite Avatar characters – from their children to their elderly selves. This makes sense as the show is actually set 70 years after the original ends. Short enough where some of our teen heroes would still be alive – but long enough that it’s realistic to expect some of them didn’t make it to the party.

Katara, Zuko, and Toph all get to get engaged with the new Avatar at one point or another in the series. However, there was one main character who never made a live appearance. Many fans were sad to notice the lack of Sokka in the new series.

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Where is Sokka?

In the legend of Korra, Sokka does land some onscreen appearances throughout the show. The biggest reference to him helping save Korra. Sokka had many accomplishments in his post-fire-war life, one of which was becoming the chieftain of the Southern Water Tribe.

During his time in leadership, and shortly after the death of his friend, Aang, a powerful group known as “The Red Lotus” kidnapped the new Avatar, Korra. Sokka teamed up with Zuko, Tenzin (Airbending son of Aang and Katara), and Tonraq (Korra’s father) in order to save Korra and stop the kidnapping.

Aside from this action – we really don’t see or hear too much about the character. While the audience knows he’s a significant historical figure, many were sad to discover he died shortly after Aang. There’s a statue of him erected in his honor in front of the Southern Water Tribe Cultural Center. There he is, holding his trusted boomerang.

How Did Sokka Die?

Sokka’s death is never really explained anywhere. While Katara references his death directly, she never really brings it up with any sense of anger or vengeance we’d assume she had. While it seems a little boring, it seems the only real explanation is that he died of old age.

Considering he would be in his 70s or 80s, it’s not too difficult to assume this. While this does feel very young for the cast of Avatar, who has been known to surpass 100 (or even 230) years of age, it seems we can only assume he lived a good life. Avatar is coming out with new material and in that we may find out the answer to How Did Sokka die.

Did Sokka Leave Behind Any Kids?

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Many fans were delighted to see that their favorite characters ended up with children. However, there is a lot of mystery surrounding the cast of the Avatar gang’s children. Some people look towards the comic series for some extra insight on how some of our favorite pairings went does, but even then, things can get pretty vague.

There is a huge blank space between where the comic series ended and when Korra began. Even after all these years, we don’t have some of the big answers to some pressing questions.

For example – who did Sokka end up with? Sokka had some pretty intense romantic moments with other characters. Aside from the short-lived affair with Princess Yue (who becomes a moon immediately after sealing a kiss), he had a long-time romance with the Kyoshi warrior, Suki.

They had a lot in common and had a fairly organic, budding passion, and many people found it easy to keep them the happy pair of soulmates. The comics further dove into these stories, and as far as readers know, the two never separated. While Suki and Sokka ended off in the series together, it was never explicitly said in the show whether or not they stayed together in adulthood.

For one thing, there is a serious lacking of Suki in the legend of Korra. In fact, there was absolutely no mentioning of the female warrior at all. This is pretty disappointing as she was a crucial member by the end of the series and leaves the audience to have a lot of questions. Did Suki die a while back? Did they break up? And did she have a falling out with the rest of the gang?

To make matters worse, Sokka didn’t leave behind any kids. Or, at least, that’s what the audience is left to believe. While we got to see appearances from other descendants of Aang’s crew, there was a huge absence in any of Sokka’s kids. This leaves the audience to believe there were none. We aren’t even given a single hint or answer to what had happened.

Is There Anything Else We Know About Sokka?

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Well, that is pretty much all we know about one of our beloved characters. Both he and his contributions are brushed over a little too often. The audience doesn’t get enough insight into his life and how everything turned out from him aside from a rescue mission and a few positions.

Going all the way back to the original series, some fans noticed some intense and devastating foreshadowing. In the 14th episode of Book One, the original trio encounters a fortune teller early in their journey. While Aang and Katara get some gimmicky predictions on love or being the Avatar that no one needed a crystal ball to see, Sokka got some depressing predictions.

Without even taking the time to analyze his palms, consult any instruments, or even take him in the room, she says she already knows Sokka’s fate. He will have a future full of “struggle and anguish, most of it self-inflicted.” While it was kind of funny at the moment, considering how Sokka was bashing the fortune teller the whole time, looking back, it was pretty ominous.

In fact, many of the conflicts Sokka encountered could fall under this category. While the series seemed to end off on a light note, we really don’t know if the fortune teller’s prediction applied to adult Sokka. The answer to how did Sokka die and many other things remained mysteries.

Will We Ever Find Details Like How Did Sokka Die?

Both the original series and The Legend of Korra are long over, but this doesn’t mean we won’t get to hear more about our favorite characters. In fact, with the spike in popularity due to the Netflix release, maybe we can expect creators to answer some questions about our favorite characters.

With a new adaption coming to Netflix and the occasional novel being released, we may just get the answers we deserve (and the media to give our favorite characters some justice). Sokka and Suki were far from the only characters who didn’t get the closure they deserved.

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