Bolin Avatar  is one of the main characters in the Avatar: The Legend of Korra series. Known for being goofy but sweet, he is one of the best earthbenders in the franchise. 

The Legend of Korra continued the story we all fell in love within Avatar: The Last Airbender; and we got to meet the new Team Avatar in a more modern setting. The new Avatar, Korra goes on adventures against evil spirits and anarchist terrorists with her friends: the inventive Asami, the cool-headed and fire bending Mako, and the loveable earth bender, Bolin Avatar.

Bolin Avatar and Mako are brothers, who you could call tragic figures; since they lost their parents as kids. However, the fact that they are orphans doesn’t keep them down. These bender brothers fight on in the pro-bending arena and later fight for their friends; and even the entire world. They won’t ever back down from a fight, and while it may look like Bolin Avatar lives on Mako’s shoulders; the earthbender is a fascinating character in his own right. Let’s get to know more about him!

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1. He And Mako Used To Be Homeless

Bolin Avatar and Mako had a hard time when their parents were killed, and they clearly didn’t have anyone to take them in. So, they landed right on Republic City’s mean streets, but Mako’s responsible attitude kept the brothers alive, and they earned their keep later as pro benders.

Bolin, for one, has experience in panhandling (which is both fortunate and unfortunate for him), and he uses this to try and raise cash for the pro-bending tournament’s entry fee. Later, when he and Mako wake up in Ba Sing Se’s streets, Bolin comments how this feels unpleasantly familiar.

2. Bolin (Avatar) Is Unlucky In Love

It’s easy to agree that Bolin Avatar is a great guy, and right from the start, he’s a kind fellow who only wants to make others happy. Bolin has a wonderful time going on casual dates with Korra, but he got his heartbroken when Korra locked lips with Mako.

Bolin Avatar got over that, and later met the lovely Opal at Zaofu and tried to woo her. She liked him too, but they suffered a serious rift when Bolin cast his lot with the Earth Empire. And most of all, he got involved with the terrifying Water Tribe princess Eska, and she held a terrified Bolin tight in her icy grip. We hope that he catches a break someday.

3. He Was The Leader Of The Fire Ferrets For A While

Early in season 2, we get a brief montage of what our heroes have been up to since we last saw them after the battle with the Equalists. Mako is a rising star among the Republic City police, Asami is leading Future Industries to new heights, and Bolin has stepped into Mako’s shoes; as the team leader of the Fire Ferrets pro bending team.

But based on his new teammates’ apathetic attitude and their swift defeat in the arena, Bolin is a bit overwhelmed here. Being the boss isn’t all glory. It’s a lot of work, and everyone’s counting on you. Fortunately, Bolin soon goes back to the team where he really belongs: Team Avatar.

4. Bolin (Avatar) Has A Flair For Drama

He is a highly expressive person, and he’s quick to react loudly to something. Whether he’s hopping mad, jumping for joy, or just plain terrified or confused, Bolin makes a real show of it. This makes him animated and interesting in arguments or conversations, though his emotional ways don’t always impress others. Fortunately, this makes him a natural movie star, as we’ll soon see. Emote for all you’re worth, kid!

5. He’s A Movie Star

As mentioned earlier, Bolin Avatar is a pretty expressive guy, and it doesn’t take long for Varrick to zero in on this talent and put it to good use. For all his sleazy schemes, Varrick is smart and knows how to recruit the right people for any job, even for the movie (“mover” in the LoK world) business. Bolin Avatar becomes the new Sean Connery, rising to superstar fame in a pretty short time. He even gets his own penthouse, and the pro bending arena is packed to see his newest film.

6. He’s Got Loose Lips

This is an aspect of how expressive and dramatic Bolin can be. He’s not exactly shy or quiet; he’s quick to blurt out an opinion, idea, or a good old-fashioned complaint about nearly anything. When he first met Varrick, Asami had told him to be quiet and polite.

But when Varrick showed off a phony levitation trick and Bolin blabbed his opinion about it, Varrick was not angry but impressed with Bolin’s honesty. Let’s not forget the time he chatted up Zaheer’s terrorist friends in the back of a truck (just for fun), and correctly guessed two out of three facts about Gazan.

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7. Bolin Avatar Had A Different Concept Art In The Beginning

It’s common for the concept design of a character, and the final product, to differ. Sometimes by a little, sometimes by a lot, and various details may appear or disappear at some point. Bolin, meanwhile, was first conceived as being a pretty big fellow, with a round body and a simple bowl haircut.

He got refined a bit, though, and while he’s thicker than the slender and angular Mako, he’s not exactly a Macy’s Day balloon either. He’s a pro bender, so he ought to have an athletic look.

8. He Is One Of The Few Lavabenders

This is a rare and terrifying variant of earth bending, and we first saw it in The Legend of Korra’s season 3 when Gazan used it. But soon, Bolin Avatar picked it up too, and he used these new skills to save himself, Opal, and Tenzin during the collapse of an Air Nomad temple. Later, Bolin used this bending art again to create a lava field and thus secure his escape from Earth Empire forces (along with Varrick).

9. Bolin Avatar Is Like The New Sokka

To be fair, Bolin Avatar is a bender while Sokka was not ; and Sokka was more of a strategist than Bolin is. But then again, every team needs someone to keep them grounded; and between the high-strung Mako, fiery Korra, and rather serious Asami, it’s nice to have some jokes thrown in. Bolin is a nice guy with a quick wit and a refreshingly down-to-earth attitude. If the tension is thick enough to cut with a knife, just bring in Bolin!

10. He May Be Loyal, But He Is Not A Sucker

This is an important distinction to make. Bolin Avatar and Mako are close, being orphan brothers who relied on each other to survive. And they’re steadfast teammates both as the Fire Ferrets and members of Team Avatar.

Later, Bolin joins the Earth Empire, impressed with Kuvira’s vision of uniting the fractured Earth Kingdom into a peaceful whole. But Bolin isn’t just a thoughtless tool; he, Varrick, and Zhu Lee soon realize that they are working for a monster, and cut loose not long after. Bolin’s loyalty to Kuvira strained his relationship with Opal and even his brother ; but when he and the others approached Team Avatar, Bolin was welcomed back.

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