The oldest member of the avatar gang is an aspiring warrior determined to protect the ones he loves. Although he serves as comic relief most of the time, Sokka is a deep character with many different layers worth addressing. He’s a beloved cast member who has a huge fan following and many heartwarming moments as he was there from day one. We’re here to revisit some of his most impressive (and hilarious) moments that stuck with us throughout the ages. Here are the 10 best Sokka Moments.

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1. Saving Korra (Best Sokka Moments)

We couldn’t make it through the list without mentioning at least one moment from The Legend of Korra so that we will start and end it here. Although Sokka grows up to be an impressive war hero, many fans argue he wasn’t given enough justice.

He died shortly after the death of Aang and only appears in flashbacks or memorabilia. He even died off-screen without any real explanation (that feels a little unfair considering how important a character he was). Also, considering that he had some of the most romantic moments during the initial iteration, it seems a little unfair he died without any children and without any mention of how his love life ended with Suki.

There is one moment where he jumps in and shines. When the young avatar, Korra, is kidnapped, he rushes in to save the day and her father. He proves she’s a true hero and gets one solid moment in with Korra before his passing (not that she remembers it). It’s nice to know that he still had it; even in his old age, he was able to have one of his Best Sokka Moments.

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2. Defeating Jet

The hundred-year war was brutal for many people, and few characters felt it more than Katara and Sokka. Their lives were uprooted, their mother was murdered, and their father was out fighting a war. This was all before they got roped into the avatar adventures where countless people tried to kill them and their friends.

Though they had a lot of reasons to hate the fire nation, Sokka still had a heart. He was put in an awful situation when they met Jet. Jet was a vigilante who seemed to want nothing more than justice for the wronged people by the fire nation. He was strong, charismatic, and really took care of his crew. He watched both of his parents perish at the hands of the fire nation – so he has his reasons to hold onto his ways.

He quickly wins over Aang and Katara, who love the “Freedom Fighters,” however, Sokka remains skeptical. While it would be easy for him to join in on the love and get on board with their plans, he’s the only one perceptive enough to realize something is up.

Not only that, but he is the one that has to break the news that Jet isn’t what he’s cut out to be. While the fire nation also hurt Sokka, he can’t bring himself to justify hurting innocent civilians solely because of their affiliation. He puts a stop to Jet despite him arguing they are on the same side. This was a huge demonstration of his character that forced us to think about morals.

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3. The Cactus Juice (Best Sokka Moments and One of The Funiest)

Going onto a lighter moment – we have one of those instances where Sokka is full of comic relief. Many events of desert-walking events led to the team being a bit depressing; luckily, Sokka was there to jump in and offer us all a good laugh.

His cactus juice hallucinations are iconic. They were some of the funniest moments ever that were immortalized in our memories. It was a subtle way to slip some adult humor in a show allegedly targeted at children. Of course, they couldn’t help but slip in the depressing comment about how his first girlfriend became the moon and died in front of him.

The Cactus Juice scene will always be one of the funniest and Best Sokka moments.

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4. The Fortune Teller

He actually has a lot of sad moments, considering his comic relief in the show. There is a lot to say about the funniest characters always being a bit depressing, though. The fortune-telling moment is one that took place pretty early on in the series. While he dismisses her “powers,” she quick to make jabs at his self-sabotaging ways and how he will endure a lot of self-inflicted pain.

It’s comically addressed as he hurts himself with a pebble and argues with villagers about science. “Can your science explain why it rains?” “YES! Yes, it can!”

We all know someone who makes us relate, so Sokka just a little bit more; however, there was a lot of heavy truth to come with these predictions. Of course, the fortune teller had some rather vague thoughts about the gang, but there is reason to believe she’s probably right—depressing, but something to think about.

5. Destroying Fire Nation Cannons

If nothing else, people can never say that Sokka didn’t do his part. On the day of the black sun, he stepped up his game and showed that he is an asset. Many jokes and jobs made at his worth for not being a bender, but he has always proved his abilities in one way or another. In this case, it was by helping destroy fire nation cannons.

6. Training with Plandao (Best Sokka Moments)

Although not a bender, he does have a lot of talent and skills to offer. Yeah, he has his boomerang, but we can’t forget all that sword fighting training he received from Plandao. He put up a huge fight, and to the audience, it seemed like his last-minute confession might have signed a death certificate.

Plandao seems to give it his all as it goes against Sokka, and it almost seems like Sokka is going to lose (even after temporarily blinding his opponent). In the end, he proves his worth, and Plandao lets him know, despite his best efforts, he wasn’t doing an excellent job at being undercover fire nation. He grants him a sword (and his praise) for all of his efforts and lets him and the avatar crew leave unharmed.

He really is a fierce warrior that deserves more credit for the talents that he’s managed to master despite any bending abilities.

7. Took Down Airships

Another sheer demonstration of his abilities was taking down the airships with some of the other avatar crew. He was doing amazing, and he (and Suki) were really showing that you don’t need to be a bender to cause some havoc.

There was also a lot of action going on with their fellow bender friends. Unfortunately, Toph was out of her element in the side. Although she was a formidable opponent as a now-metal bender, she was completely “blind” once in the sky. When she needed to jump, Sokka was there to catch her, and she actually trusted him. He also was the one to rush in and protect Toph from falling debris beings she really wasn’t able to see things falling.

8. Kyoshi Warrior

On the topic of Suki, Sokka is also the only male to complete the Kyoshi warrior training. Although he started with some sexist views on the whole thing, he finally acknowledged Suki and the other members as warriors and not just women. It was a funny moment full of valuable lessons, showing that you can grow past outdated beliefs.

9. Escaped Boiling Rock

The Kyoshi warriors are recognized for their trademark outfits and makeup. These were things prisoners were just not afforded. So when Sokka went on one of those life-changing adventures with Zuko, they decided to break into a high-security prison, boiling rock.

It was a game-changing moment of the series as they managed to break out Sokka’s dad, Suki, and a new ally. It was also the moment where Mai demonstrated her loyalty to Zuko over Azula.

10. Destroying Melon Lord ( of the Best Sokka Moments)

Finally, one of the darkest moments of the universe came right at the end. Aang was an air nomad raised by monks who believed in peace. But, on the other hand, the fire lord wanted nothing but destruction and power – and was willing to take anything for it.

They were not about to have a tea party and discuss politics upon the big confrontation. One of the chief questions towards the end of the stories is… what will Aang do? Everyone tries to tell him that he needs to kill him, but this is a pretty dark event for young Airbender; even with everything that happened, killing remained off the table.

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As many see it is the only thing to do, Sokka goes ahead and tries to “help” with the demonstration of the melon lord. While Aang is squeamish about the whole thing, Sokka insists it’s easy to “take care of it.” Although this is written somewhat lighter, it’s pretty dark when you think about it. It just goes to show that above all the laughs and puns – Sokka is a warrior willing to do whatever it takes to end the war.

Did we miss any of your favorite moments? Which other Sokka events should make it to the list? We want to hear from you – let us know in the comments below.

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