After Zuko joined the Team Avatar, every member of the team was skeptical initially. But with time and Zuko’s actions, they changed their thoughts about Zuko. Every member of the team went on a unique adventure with Zuko. These adventures in turn developed mutual trust among them. Zuko x Sokka is also one of the favorite bromances of all time. They were at odds with each other. But when the ice melted both of them developed mutual trust and an everlasting friendship with each other.

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Sokka is the only one of the original team avatar that does not have any type of bending ability. And from the initial reactions to Katara’s water bending it became obvious that he did not like the benders at all. This was probably because the Fire Nation had destroyed their tribe and killed their mother. And because of the war that the Fire Nation had started nearly a hundred years earlier, both Sokka and Katara were forced to separate from their father as well.

Although Sokka wanted to join his father on the front, there was no one of his age in the crew. And he was also the oldest male member of the tribe at the South Pole. So he was made the chief of the tribe. All of these things combined to make Sokka hate the benders belonging to any nation. In this article, we will briefly look at the history of both these characters with the team Avatar and how Zuko x Sokka bromance developed.

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Sokka And Team Avatar

Sokka met Avatar Aang in the first episode of book one. And was the one who discovered Aang in his frozen bubble after a hundred years of hibernation. Sokka and Katara were hunting for fish when they discovered Aang. Sokka was initially skeptical of Aang and did not believe that he was an Airbender. Because Firelord Sozin had wiped all the Air Nomads at the start of The Hundred Year War. Even when they boarded on Appa after Aang offered them a lift. Appa could not fly because of fatigue. So Sokka had more reason to believe that Aang was an imposter.

But eventually Sokka was convinced that Aang is a good person. And he is also the last hope for all the Nations to defeat the Firelord Max Ozai and stop the Fire Nation. Sokka initially grew closer to Aang and even Appa took a liking to Sokka. Although Sokka has no ability to bend. But he still became the strategist of the Team Avatar and even scheduled all the activities. So that Aang can complete his training and defeat the Firelord.

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Sokka’s Intelligence

It was also Sokka’s idea to find out information about the Fire Nation. And for this, the team went to Knowledge Spirit’s Library. Furthermore, it was his idea to find out about the exact date and duration of a Solar eclipse before the arrival of Sozin’s comet. And it was also proposed by Sokka that they invade the Fire Nation on this day so that Aang can defeat the Firelord Max Ozai.

Sokka improved as a leader and tactician over the years which resulted in him planning the excellent invasion plan of the Fire Nation on the day of the Black Sun. His plan was flawless but was discovered by Azula when she came to Ba Sing Se disguised as a Kyoshi Warrior. Because of this, the invasion failed and all of the invading force surrendered to allow Avatar Aang and the rest of the team to escape from the Fire Nation. Although Zuko and Sokka met quite a few times, the true Zuko x Sokka bromance started when Zuko came to join the team.

Zuko And The Team Avatar

Zuko was banished from the Fire Nation by his father who further imposed the condition that Zuko will only be allowed back when he finds and bring the lost Avatar with him. So Zuko became obsessed with finding the Avatar and became the expert on tracking him using various means. Zuko’s Uncle Iroh also came with Zuko when he was banished to guide the Young Prince throughout his journey.

Iroh always saw the good in Zuko and emphasized accepting his true destiny as opposed to the one that his father had imposed on him. Zuko was so desperate to catch the Avatar and restore his honor. That he lost the path of his true destiny. He even helped Aang escape from Commander Zhao’s grip to capture the avatar himself. Zuko finally decided to accept his true destiny which was to help Avatar Aang in stopping the Firelord. He revealed this to his father on the day of Black Sun.

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When Zuko came to team Avatar in the Western Air Temple they were skeptical and did not accept him. Only Toph favored him because Aang needed someone to teach him firebending and only then will he be able to defeat the Firelord. The team changes their point of view when they see Zuko helping them against combustion man.

Zuko x Sokka

Zuko x Sokka interactions started in the second episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender (TV Series). When Zuko comes to Sokka’s tribe to catch the Avatar, Sokka faces him but is immediately kicked aside by Zuko. After this whenever Zuko came after the team Zuko x Sokka banter started with Sokka ridiculing him. But they truly developed mutual trust in The Boiling Rock episode of book 3. Zuko offers a ride to Sokka to reach the boiling rock prison where Sokka thinks his father and the rest of the invading force are being held.

The Boiling Rock Adventure

They go to the prison and infiltrate it in the guise of two prison guards. They do not find Sokka’s father or any of the other members of the invading force. But they do manage to find Suki. So they plan to leave the prison in a cooler but are overheard by another inmate named Chit Sang. Right, when they are about to escape Zuko reveals that he heard some guards saying that a new batch of prisoners will be arriving the next day. So Sokka, Zuko and Suki stay behind.

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They find out that Sokka’s father Hakoda is actually present in the next batch of prisoners. Azula had also arrived at the prison and when all of the heroes are trying to escape they faced a fierce competition from Azula but were eventually successful in escaping when Mae helped the team out of her lover for Zuko.

After this encounter, the Zuko x Sokka pair was formed in the true sense. After this, they never looked back and their friendship grew with each passing day.


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