Korra vs Aang is one of the most interesting comparisons ever. We have seen both of these master Avatars in their respective shows. Aang and Korra displayed their respective skills in their own dedicated TV shows. But a comparison between both these Avatars is really not a justified comparison.

Because we all know that the new Avatar always improves on his past selves. Then likely according to this rule, Korra is definitely the stronger one. Both of these great Avatars were separated by quite a time. And during this time the civilization grew at a rapid pace.

Aang existed in a world where four civilizations were dominant. Although sandbenders and swampbenders did exist in Aang’s time. They were relatively isolated from the rest of the world. But after Aang formed the United Republic of Nations.

The population there inter-married among different civilizations giving rise to stronger individuals. As republic city became one of the most populous cities among the four nations it also had its fair share of problems. At Aang’s time the four nations did not mix up too much but in Republic City, all nations interacted on a daily basis.

This interaction allowed the benders to develop new and innovative techniques to take on others. Even the non-benders worked out ways to neutralize the benders because of this daily interaction. The new technological advances at the time of Korra were not even considered to be possible at Aang’s time.

Even the age of both these Avatars when they were active is not evenly matched. So in our opinion, this comparison is not fair. But for this article, we will still list the strengths of both these Avatars and try to conclude the victor among them.

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Aang’s Strengths

In this section, we will list some of the strengths that Aang possesses that make him more powerful than Korra.

Aang’s Airbending

The first strength of Aang is that he was the youngest Airbending master of his time. He achieved this feat at the very green age of just 12 years old. He even invented the Air scooter himself at this young age which made him eligible for the title of Airbending Master. When he was discovered after a hundred years by Katara and Sokka. He was already an Airbending master. This Airbending superiority will likely tilt the balance in favor of Aang in any likely scenario of Korra vs Aang.

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Aang is more disciplined than Korra in all respects. He knows how to control his emotions and does not allow his feelings to cloud his judgment. Even when he found out about the genocide of his people Aang controlled his emotions. Whenever he visited any Air Temple he was visibly distressed because of their current condition as compared to when he visited the temples a hundred years earlier.

A part of Aang also blamed himself for this genocide. As being the Avatar it was his duty to maintain the balance but he ran away from his duties. And even after such a huge loss he never allowed his feelings to take a hold of him.

He did what he had to do to defeat Firelord Max Ozai carrying the weight of such a huge loss. Whereas Korra is the opposite of Aang in this regard. She always allows her feelings to cloud her judgment and because of this steadfast nature of Korra, she always gets into trouble.

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Aang is more connected to his spiritual center as compared to Korra. Because of his upbringing in an Air Temple, Aang had better understanding of spirituality. Therefore he also understood the power he possessed in the form of Raava.

It was because of this strong connection to his spiritual center Aang was able to control his Avatar self and stop himself from killing Max Ozai. All his past selves offered him advice that he must do what is necessary but Aang found out another way and took Ozai’s bending ability away.

But Korra is more susceptible to her feelings and more likely to be blinded by anger. This was also evident during her Airbending training as well.

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Korra’s Strengths

In this section, we will list some of the strengths that Korra has which make her stronger than Aang.

Physical Strength

Korra is older than Aang in The Legend of Korra. As a result, she has had more training and is in peak physical form. She also has the ability to take punches and then go after her enemy again. We never got to see this side of Aang is Avatar: The Last Airbender as he was just twelve years old. This physical strength allows Korra to fight for prolonged durations without a sign of fatigue.

Metal Bending

Korra and Aang both do not possess any mastery of the bending of rare elements. But Korra becomes a master Metalbender when she takes on Kavira. Kavira was a master Metalbender who wanted to form the Earth Nation empire by taking over all the land where Fire Nation colonies were developed. She also claimed that Avatar Aang stole Earth Nation’s Land by forming the United Republic of Nations.

So in order to defeat her, Korra also mastered the art of metal bending in addition to mastering the four core elements as well. This rare talent is sure to tilt the odds in Korra’s favor in the case of Korra vs Aang fight.

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Both Korra and Aang are extremely talented Avatars of their times. But in our opinion, Aang is the more powerful one among the two. Because not only does he know how to use the raw power of Avatar form. But he also knows when to use it.

Aang will only use his powers as a last resort and will try to avoid it. This makes Aang more powerful as he chooses not to use his power to defeat his opponents physically but he also tries to subdue them in all respects by offering them a fair chance to avoid the fight.

Even in case of a fight, Aang’s decisions have always been a little unorthodox as by the avatar standards. Every past self of Aang advised him to kill Ozai but Aang still found another way making him someone who can follow his own path as well.

One can beg to differ and declare Korra as the winner because of the level of skill she shows in The Legend of Korra. But all of this grandeur of her show was because of the success of its predecessor. As a sequel, Korra’s show had more budget and public interest as well.

This prompted the creators to develop something that was even more appealing than Avatar: The Last Airbender. If Aang and Korra existed in the same universe or if Aang’s show is remade now it will definitely be grander than The Legend Of Korra with Aang emerging out as the victor in any Korra vs Aang competition.

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