We all know Zuko as the Fire Lord of the Fire Kingdom. He took over after the defeat of his father Ozai at the hands of the Avatar Aang. Zuko is one of the most famous characters from the Avatar universe. In this article, we will look at the history of Zuko and his family tree.

History Of Zuko Family Tree

Zoku was born as a prince of the fire kingdom and is the grandson of Azulon. Azulon had two sons Iroh and Ozai. Zuko was born to Ozai. Initially, Iroh was supposed to be the next Lord of the Fire Kingdom because he was strongly favored by Azulon. Iroh himself was a great general of the Fire Kingdom and had won many great victories in the hundred-year-old war.

Due to Iroh’s status as the crown prince, Ozai grew jealous of his brother and wanted to become the Lord of the Fire kingdom himself. Although a strong general Iroh was still a peace-loving person and was not as ruthless as his brother. Iroh also had a son named Lu Ten who fought by his father’s side in all of his battles.

Iroh loved his son greatly. But the fate of the Royal family of the Fire Kingdom changed after the battle of Ba Sing Se. In this battle, Iroh failed to conquer the city and the army was left with a huge number of casualties. Iroh’s dear son Lu Ten was among those who perished in the battle of Ba Sing Se.

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The Aftermath of Ba Sing Se Battle

Instead of consoling his brother at the loss of his dear son, Ozai started to plot against the crown prince. And asked his father to replace Iroh as he has lost the battle and also failed to protect his son. But Azulon was deeply angered by this suggestion and rebuked Ozai on his ambitions. He further punished Ozai to kill his son so that he can understand the pain of losing a son.

Zuko’s sister Azula overheard this conversation and told everything to Zuko and teased him about his apparent death. But their mother overheard the conversation and struck a deal with Ozai so that he spare their son Zuko. As per the deal, Zuko’s mother will prepare an un-traceable position to kill Azulon and will be banished from the castle.

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After the death of Azulon, Ozai took over the throne and declared himself as the Lord of the Fire Kingdom. Ozai’s reign as Fire Lord was very successful but highly cruel. The Fire Nation saw many victories in the Hundred Year War and was poised to become the victors.

Zuko’s Banishment

However, in one war meeting, the young Prince Zuko spoke out against a general’s plan and by doing so in the Fire Lord’s War Room, he had disrespected the Fire Lord himself. This resulted in his father challenging him to an Agni Kai where Zuko begged for forgiveness. But his Father insisted on settling the matter by a duel. But Zuko refused to fight and Ozai took it as a sign of weakness that had to be punished. So as a punishment Ozai burned Zuko’s face, scarring him for life.

Iroh turned away and could not witness the sight of his beloved nephew being burned by his father without any remorse. Furthermore, Zuko was also banished from the Fire Kingdom as his punishment. With the condition that he will only be forgiven and allowed to return to the Fire Kingdom only when he is able to find the Avatar, who had gone missing for a hundred years.

His uncle Iroh also accompanied Zuko on his exile as he did not want to leave his nephew alone. After the death of Lu Ten, Iroh accepted Zuko as his adopted son and assisted Zuko on his journey while advising him throughout their search for the Avatar.

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Family Tree Of Zuko

The Family tree of Zuko starts from his his great-grandfather Soren. Soren was the closest friend of the Avatar Roku. But when Roku went on to other kingdoms to complete his training for the Avatar. Soren became the Lord of The Fire Kingdom and started making plans on conquering other kingdoms. When Roku returned and got to know about Soren’s plans he immediately forbade him from doing so.

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Roku and Soren also had a fight when Soren attacked the avatar from behind but Roku dodged and subdued Soren. After some years Roku’s island faced a volcanic eruption and Soren went to save his best friend on his dragon but realized that his plans for world-conquering can only be put into motion after Roku is dead. He left Roku on the island to die. As Roku became powerless after inhaling toxic fumes from the volcanic eruptions.

After the death of Roku, Soren went ahead on his plan and started the 100 year war after Soren’s comet increased his powers. using these powers he wiped out all the Air Nomads with only Aang (The Avatar) surviving as he was frozen in deep sleep.

Soren had a son named Azulon who in turn had two sons named Iroh and Ozai. To ensure that the bloodline of the Royal family of the Fire Kingdom remains strong. Azulon married his son ozai to Roku’s grand-daughter Ursa. Then Ursa and Ozai had two children of their own. The son was named as Zoku and the daughter was named Azula.

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So Zoku is the great-grandson of Soren on his paternal side and Roku on the maternal side. And when Iroh tells Zoku about his family tree, he emphasizes that whatever he will do will decide the future of the four kingdoms. So before deciding the direction that Zoku will take he should know about both his great grand-fathers and what they stood for when they were alive.

This revelation had a deep impact on Zoku and instead of trying to capture the Avatar, he decided to help him in defeating his father Ozai so that peace can be restored in all of the four kingdoms.

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