We all remember Sokka as one of our favorite characters from ATLA. He was an indispensable member of the Avatar team due to his different abilities. We can find his great creativity and strategic ability, which saved the team from many situations on different occasions. He was always a flirtatious character, and it made you wonder, who does Sokka Marry?

Every time the story demanded humor to break the ice, he was the comic relief of the series. Subsequently, earning him a place in our hearts. Sokka did not only stole our hearts. But he proved to be a real heartbreaker since he had many love interests in the story. But did Sokka spend the twilight of his life with one of them? Who does Sokka marry?

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Who Does Sokka Marry? His First Love That Got Away

Sokka was a teenage warrior of the Southern Water Tribe, son of Chief Hakoda and Kya. His father left with the other tribesmen to fight in the Hundred Years’ War. On the other hand, his mother died at the hands of the Fire Nation during a raid on their village. His grandmother Kanna raised him along with his younger sister Katara. Eventually, Sokka, along with Katara, discovered Aang and then accompanied him to defeat the Fire Nation and bring peace to the four nations.

We can see Sokka’s first love interest once they got to the North Pole. He met Princess Yue and immediately started a kind of emphatic, awkward relationship. We could see their first sparks of love immediately. However, regarding Appa rides, strolling around the city, and their overall chemistry.

Due to political reasons, someone else was already engaged with Yue. This arranged marriage didn’t have time to represent more than a bump in the road when they faced more tangible problems like an upcoming siege from the Fire Nation to the Northern Tribe. 

As we all know, the siege ended with general Zhao sneaking into the Spirit Oasis, where he struck the Moon Spirit’s mortal form. That move left all waterbenders powerlessly. The moon spirit touched Yue when she was a newborn and saved her life.

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Protect The One You Love

So when the moment came she sacrificed herself to give back the life the moon gave her. Even though it was against Sokka’s wishes. Yue died in his hands to become the moon spirit and protect her village from the attack. We can see Yue again when she appears before Sokka and her father, swearing she would always be with them. This love story ends with them sharing a final kiss until Yue vanished completely.

Even though Sokka’s first approach with romance was a rather fleeting and tragic one. His loss affected him due to his protective nature. Sokka repeatedly blamed himself for not being able to protect his first love. After this, he was portrayed several times gazing up to the moon in a contemplative way during the series. 

Who Does Sokkar Marry? What About Suki?

As the story moved forward our friends got to Kiyoshi’s Island. There, Sokka’s narrowed perception of the world got expanded a little bit. Our boomerang lover friend only had seen the South Pole before the story started. So, He perceived women as unskilled fighters until he met Suki and the Kiyoshi warriors.

Their skill amazed him, making him ask for forgiveness for the first impression he gave and asked for tuition. Here is where his relationship with Suki started. They were mere partners with some things in common. They were warriors in charge of their home villages with no bending skills, but as the avatar team had to continue its journey, the time to say farewell came and Suki kissed Sokka on the cheek telling him that even though she was a warrior, she was also a girl.

Inspired by Sokka, Kiyoshi warriors also departed their Island to participate in the war. They meet again with our friends several times. As their encounters increased, their relationship evolved from respect and estimation to much more than just the fellowship he would feel for other allies.

Sadly, Sokka’s heart was still wounded from his previous love. He refrained himself from kissing Suki under the moon the first time, putting her off without giving a proper explanation. Nevertheless, when she tried to apologize for trying to kiss him, he made up and fully kissed her before splitting paths again.

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The Love Kept Growing

By season 3 their relationship had gotten to a point where Sokka was not only building sandcastles in her honor, and intending romantic sneaks in their tents when they had the chance but also became canonically one of the best romances in the entire saga.

Along the 4 seasons, we saw how their relationship evolved, as we described above, step by step. Even though they didn’t spend every day together, Suki became an important addition to the Avatar team, even participating in the final battle with fire lord Ozai.

The last thing we heard about Suki and Sokka is after the events from ATLA. In the comics, they decided to spend some time together relaxing away in Cranefish Town. This is the most detailed relationship Sokka had. But we never got a proper closure from it. So we don’t know if Suki was the one Sokka marry or if they eventually drifted away.

Enter in Kaya From The Comics

Sokka even had a brief romantic encounter in the comics with a village girl named Kaya. Our protagonists were visiting Kaya’s hometown when she passed by. Then, Sokka made a compliment and she mistakenly she took a compliment made by Sokka, as the latter tried to set a date between them, he had one of his “Sokka moments” and Kaya mistakenly thought he was the avatar, getting sudden interest in him. She thought she was dating the avatar instead of a non-bender. Aang, Toph, and Katara supported that idea to help Sokka. However, Kaya only appeared in one chapter from the comics.

Above we described all known Sokka’s romantic relationships: Suki, Yue, and Kaya. In the end, whether he married or who does Sokka marry is not clear. There is no information regarding Sokka having children. Given this hole in the avatar’s narrative, fans have not lost time making theories. Some indicate that Sokka may be the father of Suyin, Toph’s daughter.

Other Who Does Sokka Marry Theories

Several theories ship Toph and Sokka based on moments like the one when Suki saved Toph from drowning and the latter proceeded to kiss Suki on the cheek. As Toph thought it was Sokka who saved her to then tell her she should just have let her drown out of embarrassment from the moment and their friendship in general. Another hypothesis states: Since the position of tribal chief is passed from generation to generation. Senna could be Sokka’s daughter and Korra his granddaughter.

After all this, there’s very little information about who does Sokka marry and his fate in general. Such as: In 124 AG he wrote a book where he explained how he won the war, and in 128 AG he can be seen at court as part of the United Republic Council, meaning that he had become chief of the Southern Tribe.

Conclusion of The Who Does Sokka Marry Theories

Since the first episode of The Legend of Korra, we are aware that Sokka died. Unfortunately, there is no official answer to who does Sokka marry. Nevertheless, we haven’t lost hope with the recent creation of Avatar Studios from Nickelodeon we might as well hear at any moment about a Sokka spin-off that may shed some light on this mystery. Let us know in the comment section what do you think? Who did Sokka end up with? Did he overcome the loss of his first love? What happened with Suki? Did Sokka have children? 

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