Boomerang is the oldest weapon that Sokka wields. We nearly see the Boomerang make an appearance in all the fight scenes involving the Team Avatar. Sokka loves his boomerang because his father Hakoda had given it to him as a parting gift. But we see in the last book Sokka gets another weapon which became his second favorite only after the boomerang. The particular weapon we are referring to is the Space Sword of Sokka. Sokka was also involved in the forging of this weapon as well. And he even selected the material of the sword himself. Because of these efforts, a strong connection was formed between Sokka and his sword.

This article will serve as a complete guide to Sokka and his sword. And will also describe how Sokka got the sword in the first place as well.

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Sokka is one of the most important characters of the team Avatar. He played an essential role in making Aang train all the elements in time. He was the one who scheduled everything. Sokka calculated the time down to every last second and arranged the team’s travels as per the plan.

Sokka made the team follow his schedule as well. There are many factors behind Avatar Aang being able to master all the elements. And Sokka’s planning was probably the most important factor behind this feat.

Sokka also planned the assault on the Fire Nation on the Day of The Black Sun. His plan was absolutely perfect and destined for success. However, the attack failed because Azula accidentally discovered the plan while she was in Ba Sing Se imposing as a Kyoshi warrior. The fans even argue that if Azula never found the plan, maybe Avatar Aang would have defeated Firelord Max Ozai during the Day Of The Black Sun invasion.

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Sokka’s Doubts

But even though Sokka was an integral and one of the most important members of the Team Avatar, he still was not a bender. This inability to bend any of the elements sometimes left Sokka feeling doubtful of himself and his abilities. One of such instances occurred when the Team Avatar was in the Fire Nation. Sokka was feeling doubtful that his abilities were not enough compared to the other bending members of the team. At this time, he saw a pamphlet that Master Swordsman Piandao is looking for a student.

Sokka was skeptical at first because the team was already behind schedule. And he also did not want to study under the tutelage of someone belonging to the Fire Nation as this might blow their cover and expose the team. But he changed his mind after Katara, Aang and Toph encouraged him. After that, he went to Piandao to join him as his student.

Sokka’s Selection

When Sokka went to Piandao’s home, where he was received by Piandao’s butler “Fat,” He asked Sokka if he brought any offering for the Master? To which Sokka refused. At this, Fat guided him inside the home by saying, “Let’s get it over with,” implying that he was not going to be selected.

Because Piandao had rejected all the candidates until that time, Piandao was doing calligraphy when Sokka introduced himself. The master guessed the usual story that the best swordsman from his town is here.

But after hearing this, Sokka replied that he might have traveled worldwide, but he knows for sure that he has a lot to learn. And also that he is not even sure of his worthiness. But this was what Piandao was looking for, and Sokka is selected.

Sokka begins his training after the Sword Master gives him a formal training outfit and demonstrates the sword. He also tells Sokka that a sword is an extension of oneself and must be thought of as a part of one’s body. He further explains that a sword is just a weapon, but a sword becomes the most versatile weapon in the hands of a Master who utilizes endless possibilities.

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Sword of Sokka

Sokka started his training and improved drastically over the span of just a few days. He was initially sparring with the butler named “Fat.” And can beat him after improvising some of the movers he learned and using the surroundings to his advantage.

After defeating Fat, Piandao deemed Sokka worthy of having his own sword and took him to the workshop where some materials were initially present. But Sokka asked that if he can bring the material of his own choice to Piandao. To which the Sword Master replied that he wouldn’t have had any other way”.

Sokka went to the meteorite crash site that the team Avatar witnessed earlier and brought the rubble from the meteorite to build his sword. He even helped build his sword. When the Sword Master bestows the sword on Sokka, stating that he is the most talented student he has ever seen.

Sokka tells him the truth about being from the Water tribe. Piandao attacks Sokka, and they continue fighting for quite some time. Sokka uses his surroundings and the things he has learned to match his more skilled Master. And even earns the approval of his master several times during the fight.

But Piandao eventually gets the upper hand, and Sokka accepts defeat. Piandao then reveals that he had known about him from the beginning because of his name. And even points towards Aang calling him The Avatar. But also states that the art of Sword does not belong to one Nation and gives the Sword to Sokka. And emphasizes that he will have to train himself from now on, and he will someday become an even greater Master than Piandao himself.

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Future of Sword

Sokka named the Sword the “Space Sword,” and it had a unique black color similar to the color of the meteorite’s rubble. Sokka used the sword on all his adventures regularly after that. But when he and Toph were cornered by the Fire Nation ship, Sokka threw both his Boomerang and Sword at them to buy more time. Unfortunately, it was at this time that both the Boomerang and Space Sword was lost after falling in the jungle below them.

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