The haircut that Sokka has got is a fairly easy haircut to replicate in real life. Anyone can get this sort of haircut after growing some hair and shaping the accordingly. And when the required length is achieved you can very simply get the Sokka Haircut and boast the hairstyle of Sokka as well. Over the years have seen a lot of impossible hairstyles on several of our favorite animated TV Shows. We really want to follow these hairstyles of our favorite animated characters. But these perfect book styles are only possible in animated shows.

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Some cosplayers are able to recreate these hairstyles perfectly but it takes a lot of time and even more money to replicate these exact styles. Costumes can be copied and weapon props can be bought but the real challenge is to replicate the hairstyles of these animated characters. The fans spend a lot of time and invest a lot of money to get this bit right. Thankfully Sokka has a fairly simple hairstyle that you can get with an even simple haircut. In this article we will look at this iconic Sokka haircut that has now become a very popular hairstyle actually.

Name of Sokka Haircut

Sokka Haircut is widely called the wolf-tail in the Avatar Universe. This hairstyle is mostly used by the male members of the Water Tribe. And this hairstyle is synonymous with the hair loopies that the women of the Water tribe make. Sokka called his wolf-tail as the Warrior’s wolf-tail but Katara teases him by calling the wolf-tail as a ponytail visibly frustrating Sokka.

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This haircut is very similar in style to the yop-knot used by the members of the Fire Nation. And when the team Avatar was in the Fire Nation Sokka adjusted in their get-up quite easily. As all he had to do was fix his hair in a top-knot style. The only difference between a wolf-tail and a top knot is that in a wolf-tail, the hair is tied on the backside of the head after the crown of the head. While a top-knot has a knot of hair on the top of the head as the name indicates.

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Although Sokka changed his haircut in the form of a top-knot while he was in the Fire Nation with the Team Avatar. But Sokka reverted to his original haircut on the Day Of The Black Sun and kept it afterward for the remaining episodes of Avatar: The Last Airbender (TV Series).

Difference Of Sokka Haircut from the Elders

Sokka usually shaved the sides of his head or had little to no hair on the sides so that his warrior wolf-tail stood out. This was done by Sokka regularly as he not only thought of the hairstyle as a symbol of his tribe. But also thought of this haircut as a sign of a warrior. He also named his wolf-tail the warrior wolf-tail in line with this belief of his.

But the elders of the tribe usually grew their side hair more longer even up to their shoulders. So the wolf-tails of the elders of the Water tribe are not as noticeable as compared to Sokka.

Haircut Of Sokka As An Elder

Sokka even kept his unique haircut even when he was quite older. We see him donning the same hairstyle with very few changes in The Legend Of Korra. Sokka is serving as the Chairman of the United Republic Council. This adult version of his warrior wolf-tail resembles a Japanese hairstyle called “Chonmage”.

Sokka Haircut in Daily Routine

Sokka Haircut is fairly simple to maintain as compared to hairstyles of other animated characters. It is also referred to as the man-bun by the modern hairstylists. But it should be specified that man-bun is actually a broad term that covers both top-knot and Sokka haircut depending on the preference of the customer. But the hair-dressers usually categorize both these haircuts in the man-bun category.

If you are interested in getting the Sokka haircut then you can watch this video tutorial.


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