Sokka has often referred to himself as the ponytail guy. Sokka’s hairdo is a unique one that can be seen on just him all through the Last Airbender series. For Sokka fans all over the world, one of the best things about Sokka, asides from his unique brand of sarcasm, is his hair. Sokka’s hair makes up 30% of his identity. He has been referred to as a ponytail guy by the nomadic band. 

Since the beginning of the series, Sokka has worn his hair as a ponytail from the icy southern seas to the rain of fire that ended the series. 

It makes him who he is. He has worn his hair down in some scenes, but most of the time, Sokka wears his hair upwards in a ponytail. 

For a guy who wears a ponytail, he sure pulls off different hairstyles quite well. He makes it a variation of his ponytail. Here are some of the best Sokka pictures with hair on the internet.

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Seductive Sokka

We all know Sokka doesn’t exactly have a perfect record when handling girls. And I know that’s one other girl apart from Sukki to draw that conclusion, but we can still say he is a funny one to watch. 

Seductive Sokka is Sokka from the scene where he had prepared a romantic evening in his room for Sukki and himself. Zuko barges in, causing Sokka to eventually swallow the rose stalk he was hoping to welcome Sukki with. Okay, I’ll say it. That’s a plus for the guy who is weird with girls. This is definitely a fan favorite moment of Sokka being in his best self. 

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The Man With The Plan, Sokka 

This is a Sokka fanart, and of course, he is the master planner he usually is. This image showcases Sokka with his unique ponytail. We all know who comes up with the well-thought-out, sometimes rushed plans that team Avatar was able to use successfully all through the series. Okay, sometimes they don’t always work, but like the rest of the team called him, Sokka is the Idea guy, the itinerary guy. This image is Sokka being the man with the master plan. 

Sokka With Hair: Blushy Dreamy Face

In this picture, we see Sokka with a blush and a dreamy look on his face. Few things or people can make him have this look. The image shows Sokka practically drooling over Yue after setting a date with her to do an activity together. The smooth guy, that one.

This is soon after their arrival at the north pole. He is wearing his water tribe outfit but with a little more padding this time for the intense cold of the North Pole. We have all had this type of dreamy eyes or dreamy look at some point or can relate to it. Is Love a beautiful thing or what?

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Water Tribe Warrior Sokka

Water tribe warrior Sokka is a fanart of Sokka in his ceremonial warrior outfit. Sokka fans all over the world can agree that he may not be the best fighter there is, but he is the most reliable fighter there is. He is a non-quitter and would take an enemy head-on, always looking for a better way to take them down.

Water tribe warrior Sokka is an image that showcases him with his hair down. I know, right? Sokka fans will be able to tell that he is indeed a dream. He is the warrior and the future chief of the southern water tribe. He earned the tribe’s trust and all the accolades that eventually came his way. He is one of the most important and pivotal characters in team Avatar.

Kyoshi Warrior Sokka

I know you have thought about it. You’ve always wanted to be a Kyoshi warrior. They are open to all genders. Kyoshi warrior Sokka is the time when Sokka met his love Sukki. But even he didn’t know how it would turn out at that time.

After they get ambushed by a “bunch of girls,” as he recalls it, stating they got lucky. Sokka is eventually humbled by Sukki and her sisters’ skills, kindly asking to learn from them. Sukki states that he has to abide by all their customs. Kyoshi warrior Sokka is not a bad Sokka as he gets a kiss out of it at the end of the episode.

Sokka with Hair: Sciency Sokka

Sokka, the science guy, always trying to bring logic and reasoning into unreasonable things. In a world where people can control elements, friendships transcending is definitely the problem. Go for it, Sokka, debunk that mystery.

This scene is after Roku showed Avatar Aang his whole life and how Sozin betrayed him even if they grew up best friends. He also told them about how Monk Gyatso, his best friend as a young Avatar, was also Roku’s very good friend as well. Toph, emotional and grateful for the friends she had come to find in team Avatar.

She asks if friendships can transcend lifetimes, as Aang claims. He says why not, and Sokka tries to stand against it, claiming there is no scientific backing for it.

“Oh, just shut up and hold hands, Sokka.” Katara retorts.

Fire Nation Sokka

Fire nation Sokka is Sokka during the time when team Avatar went to the fire nation to hide out in plain sight. Sokka buys a hawk that he names Hawkie. A plus for Sokka’s naming skills as he named every villain that they came across. 

This image happens after Avatar Aang was shot by Azula’s lightning. Toph, enjoying the scams she had been pulling under her new moniker ‘The Runaway.’

Fire Nation Sokka is one with a slightly fuller hair length with a fire nation emblem as his ponytail pin. 

Sokka With Hair: Buff Sokka

This is a fanart showcasing Sokka with buff and well-tightened muscles. Sokka is seen in several scenes of the series with his loincloth underwear. In this image, he is wearing his hair as he usually would when they take their timeout to rest and splash around.

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