Girl Avatars are not entirely uncommon. The Avatar world is filled with so many characters. Several reincarnations have come to play, of which girls happen to be one of these. Since we don’t have much information on girl Avatars save for three or four, as seen in the series, we would be discussing girl Avatars and girl characters in the Avatar world. This includes both the Last Airbender series and The Legend of Korra series as well. 

Some girl Avatars and girl characters that have made the series and, in fact, the franchise grow even more will be listed below. Here are the girl Avatar characters in no particular order.

Avatar Korra (The Most Popular Girl Avatar)

Avatar Korra is one of the prominent characters in the Avatar world. She is one of the girl Avatars that gives feminine Avatars a good name.

What especially makes Korra so cool is not her stubbornness. It’s her refusal to give up. She constantly stayed strong despite all the adversaries that came her way. Even when she was in a wheelchair, she would not stop thinking about getting stronger and overcoming the obstacles. One would expect maybe a much older Avatar to be the second on this list for cool Avatar.

Korra not only gained mastery of the other three elements quite early, but she also mastered it faster than most Avatar, second to Avatar Aang, who, despite spending time in the iceberg, mastered between age twelve and thirteen. Thus, Korra was well on her way to being a fully realized Avatar at sixteen.

Another thing that makes her cool is she is also the second Avatar after Wan to have done several impossible things. We see in the Legend of Korra series how she undoes some of the mistakes Wan made. She is the first Avatar to master metal bending and the second Avatar to fight Vaatu in an even more powerful form. Korra is one of the strongest characters in the whole series.

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Avatar Yangchen (The Wisest Girl Avatar)

Avatar Yangchen is also another Avatar we may not be too familiar with. Little of her was seen in the series. She, however, has more roles in the games and comics. In the scene where we see her, she commands a gust of wind that sweeps over a yawning field of grass. The power is extraordinary in itself as she displays extensive mastery of the art. 

In the comics, she goes one further and enters combat with the colossal spirit, General Old Iron. 

In this battle, we see her ability to surround herself in the same sphere of elements. This is a technique that Avatar Aang later uses against Fire Lord Ozai, and her advice to Aang to end Ozai’s life makes it clear that she was a deadly and formidable force.

Avatar Yangchen, or ‘The Great Yangchen’ as she would later come to be known, was widely revered as not only the most powerful avatar but also the most compassionate. 

Avatar Yangchen was, in fact, so very loved by the people of every nation that she became a sort of a deity. 

Citizens of the Earth Kingdom would pray to her for protection and luck.

Her mastery of airbending was said to be so developed that she could even change the weather. She is one of the girl Avatar characters we have on this list, and she is an extraordinary one at that too.

Princess Yue (The Most Sacrificial Girl Avatar)

Another amazing character that must be mentioned is Princess Yue. Yue was a princess, born to the Northern water tribe’s chief. She is the daughter of Chief Arnook, and she is also one of his advisors. After the death of the moon spirit Tui, she was burdened by the responsibility to give back the life she had been given. 

During the Siege of the Northern water tribe, the moon spirit was killed by Zhao, a fire nation soldier and Admiral. Yue sacrificed and replaced the moon spirit, sharing the position. 

Yue was born to the water tribe chief as a sick child. She had an unknown illness which caused her almost to be born still and asleep. As an Infant, she was quiet and didn’t cry but remained asleep. This caused her parents to worry, and they feared that she would die. However, her condition, growing critical, the tribe’s healers had tried their best. 

Yagoda, one of the best healers in the whole nation, also put in unlimited effort but to no avail. They all concluded that princess Yue was going to die. Arnook, desperate to save his daughter’s life, begged the moon spirit to save her. That night, under the full moon, he brought her to the spirit oasis. This was the center of all spiritual energy in the nation and was also the same oasis that Avatar Wan came across after being banished, weary and hungry. 

He placed her in the pond, and her once black hair turned white. The moon gifted her with part of its life force. Thus, she survived, and her parents named her Yue, meaning for the moon. 

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Toph Beifong (The Toughest Girl Avatar)

Toph Beifong, a blind earth bender, and later metal bender, is the only daughter of the Beifong family. They are known as one of the richest, if not the richest family in the whole world.

Several stories have gone on about what happens to our favorite characters after we last see them on the animation series. In addition, there are comic book issues that address some of these concerns but not directly concerning who Toph married. 

As far as we know, Toph married no one. Her two children Lin and Suyin, were born out of wedlock. We do know that Lin’s father is a man named Kanto. 

We recall Toph saying in the Legend of Korra series that it didn’t work out between them. 

This issue caused animosity between Toph and Lin.

Toph gave birth to Lin twenty years after the conclusion of the hundred-year war. Her daughter inherited her Earth bending abilities. She also trained her to master metal bending and even seismic sense. This is a skill that Toph perfected due to her lack of sight. 

Although, Toph feels like Lin never really fully mastered all the key elements to these skills. Toph and Lin share similar personalities, and Korra even referred to Toph as an older and crankier version of Lin. 

Both can be blunt and stubborn per the occasion, and Toph proudly referred to herself as the original Beifong. The family, due to his Toph must have handled them growing up, eventually breaks apart.  After twenty years of no contact, Toph and Lin found common ground and reconciled.

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Katara (The Most Compassionate Girl Avatar)

Katara is a water tribe girl that grows up to be the strong and independent woman we see her be. She is an example of a caregiving woman who would give anything to the people she calls family. Aside from being a role model when it comes to having a motherly instinct, she can be strong and clever but sweet and caring at the same time. 

Although she’s very kind, she would never strike you as a regular damsel in distress. She can protect herself and holds her own as a fighter. Eventually, others need saving from her and not the other way around. She is also regarded as an independent woman on her own journey.

Her backstory informs so much about her character. Her way of taking care of everyone around her comes from her motherly instincts, instincts that quickly came to force after the passing of her own mother. She is a very amazing character in the series. Her role cannot have been replaced.

Avatar Kyoshi (The Largest Girl Avatar)

Avatar Kyoshi is one of the strongest Avatars and a very controversial one per her methods. However, she was the Avatar that preceded Roku, who eventually preceded Aang. Kyoshi Warriors get a lot of praise for being an awesome female fighting force, but these soldiers owe their legacy to one person: Avatar Kyoshi.

Kyoshi has recently made a bit of a comeback with the release of a book series exploring her early life, but she is seldom seen in the show. However, the story of how she defeated Chin the Conqueror created Kyoshi Island is more than enough reason to include her on this list, as she mixed multiple Bending styles in a single moment to literally reshape the world by creating a new island and overthrowing a major military leader.

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