If you’ve seen the Last Air Bender Series or The Legend of Korra series, you would know that some really cool scenes and characters would make for really cool wallpapers.

We would be compiling some of the best wallpapers that you can definitely use as an Avatar fan. Here are some really cool wallpapers from Reddit and other sources

Avatar Spirit Within: art by @charlestanart

This is a fan art of Avatar Korra by Charles. This image shows a fierce looking Avatar Korra and the light spirit, Raava inside of her. It is a beautiful wallpaper for your mobile phone or Laptop. Raava is the spirit of Light that fused with Avatar Wan about 10,000 years ago.

She fused with Wan to help defeat Vaatu. Wan was able to cage Vaatu in the tree of time due to Raava’s help. She exists in every Avatar, maintaining a connection with Korra and all the past Avatars. This image shows Korra in a beautiful light with the spirit within her, the spirit of love and light, Raava, glowing within. Raava’s strength and the bond between her and all the Avatars is what forms the Avatar State. 

Avatar State Avatar Wallpapers

This is a fan art that was compiled by bringing several different wallpapers together. 

This showcases Aang in the Avatar state. A state that enables him to summon tremendous power and tap into great and dispense great strength. It is a state that helps him connect with his strength, the past Avatars before him and the power of Raava.

The Avatar state enables its user and can be a two edged sword still. If he or any Avatar is killed while in the Avatar state, the cycle will be halted permanently as Roku warns him in one of his many times when he unknowingly slips into the Avatar state.

It also shows Toph Beifong, a blind master earth bender, Katara, a master water bender  Zuko, a crown Prince and Aang in his original element, Air. This image represents all the four elements and the merger of all four in one person, the Avatar. 

Team Avatar Avatar Wallpapers

Team Avatar is the team that bonded together to restore balance. The Team Avatar is a legendary team that started with Sokka, Aang and Katara and of course Appa. The team grew as the quest and need grew. 

Team Avatar is the name used to refer to Avatar Aang and his companions. They put together this team on Aang’s journey to master all four elements and defeat the Fire Lord. Balance was much needed during and after the 100 year war. Aang and his friends started out to restore the balance that the fire nation had upset but wiping out the Air Nation (Nomads), taking Earth nation territory and waging war on the Water tribe. 

Majestic Avatar 

We are all accustomed with the goofy Avatar but few times in the series when it all went dark and called for a lot more seriousness than we are used to when watching the series. 

This is an older Avatar from the time he came out of the iceberg. Judging by the age, he looks a little older than when he defeated the Fire Lord. At this point, Aang was well on his way to becoming a fully realised Avatar. Aang aged rapidly after he came out of the iceberg and this is as a result of a lot of his life force becoming drained over the 100 year period that he maintained the Avatar state.

This image showcases him bending all four elements as a fully realized Avatar would. 

Strongest Avatars Avatar Wallpapers

Some of the strongest Avatars in the Universe have been able to do extraordinary things. From Avatar Wan, a Peasant who didn’t own anything but the clothes on his back. He went on to become the first Avatar. Wan trained for years just to be strong enough to house Raava and hold all the four elements in his body.

This was the bravery and a feat no one had ever attempted or dreamed of attempting. Some of the strongest Avatars from Aang to Kyoshi, Roku, and many more. This would most definitely make excellent wallpaper for your phone. 

Last Air Bender Series 

The Last airbender series is one that graced all our screens and made memories that we would never forget. With the recent announcement of a Netflix adaptation of the series brought the much needed revival to the series’ franchise. This image shows the whole team Avatar, post the defeat of Fire Lord Ozai.

It shows Fire Lord Zuko on the front, Katara, Toph, Sokka, Appa, Momo. It also shows an enraged Avatar Aang, in the Avatar state. There is also a collection of all four elements in the background as seen in the final fight between Aang and Ozai. 

Aang and Katara with Toph as Third wheel

The couple and their growth is one to behold as Aang and Katara never gave up. This wallpaper is for Aang and Katara stans who have always supported and loved the relationship. The image showcases them looking wonderful together with Toph as a third wheel. Toph with her looks that clearly says Sokka forced me to do this. Momo is also featured in this shot as the pet lemur would be part of the family for many more years to come. 

The image is definitely one that you want to have as it just seems beautiful watching the two young lovers all grown up and starting their dream family. 

Aang and Zuko – Avatar Wallpapers

A lifelong friendship that began with so much hate. This image showcases Zuko and Avatar Aang. This image happens after they had defeated the Fire Lord. Zuko becomes the Fire Lord and Aang marries Katara, becoming a fully realized Avatar. 

Aang and Zuko created a bending city that did not discriminate. This was a city where all benders from all nations could live. A center of harmony. Aang and Zuko’s friendship did not start off to a smooth start but they eventually grow to form one of the strongest bonds. Bonds that withstood the test of time.

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