A very visible example of how patience can indeed get you what you want is the story of Aang and Katara. 

The boy in the iceberg and how he became a man.

The love story of Aang and Katara starts with a tragedy that occurs when Fire Lord Sozin wipes out the Air Nation permanently. Aang had run away from home, leaving a note for Monk Gyatso, stating that he was leaving.

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He became overwhelmed by the responsibility of being the Avatar and the expectations it comes with. Aang decides to run away from it all. He figures he could escape his destiny, and never wanting to be the Avatar; he wants to put it all away. Fate would happen, and the Air Nomads would be wiped out, leaving him alone to be the last air bender. He gets trapped in a storm while flying away on Appa, his Bison. The storm catches him, and as a defense mechanism, he goes into the Avatar state, entraps himself in an Iceberg, and sinks into the ocean. 

A hundred years later, two siblings go fishing in the icy waters of the Southern Water Tribe. Sokka angers Katara after accusing her of playing with magic water. Katara lashes out and unleashes her bending technique without being aware. She cracks a random iceberg to reveal a glowing one that was burned beneath.

Awed that she did that, Sokka tells her that she just went from weird to freakish. They both sight the glowing iceberg, and curiosity draws Katara towards it. They see a boy in the iceberg and realize that he is still alive. Katara quickly snatches Sokka’s weapon and heads for the iceberg to break it. She smashes it a few times before it breaks, releasing a giant beam of light in its wake and a gust of air that had been trapped inside. 

Aang falls out of the iceberg into Katara’s arms. Looking faint and weak, he asks weakly if she would love to go Penguin sledding with him. 

Much to her and Sokka’s surprise, a boy encased in an iceberg for God knows how long was particularly perky and cheery. 

Love at First Sight 

The first time they both set their eyes on each other, a sort of magic was created that would grow.

The three would go on to face many adversaries as Aang grows. 

As time goes, Aang’s feelings begin to grow. They soon become aware of a romantic side. One of these instances is when Katara teaches Aang water bending. In her underwear or swimsuit-like garment, she comes close to him, explaining a stance that causes Aang to blush a bit. Another instance is when Katara refers to Aang as a “sweet little guy.” This causes him to shrug and get frustrated a little bit. 

Another instance is where the Team Avatar encounters a fortune-teller named Aunt Wo. They meet a man who, due to his fortune that he would have a safe journey, did not fret as he was being attacked by a Platypus Bear.

Katara goes to find out her fortune and asks who she will marry. Aang, realizing that he needs to know about his love life, goes for his fortune. Aunt Wo tells him about the great battle between him and the Fire Lord Ozai that would later happen, but he already knows this.

He wonders if his fortune says anything about a girl. Aunt Wo, realizing that he wants to know about love, formulates a fortune and tells him to follow his heart. 

Aang walks out of there in high spirits, happy that everything would work as planned. 

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Cave Of Two Lovers

On their way to the North pole, they try to get away from the fire nation but eventually having to use a secret love cave that was carved by two lovers. The cave is said to be cursed and a tomb for those who didn’t believe in love. Aang is confident he and the rest of the team will be okay because, at this point, he has begun to feel overwhelming love for Katara. An accident happens in the cave causing Appah to cave them in, dividing them into two groups. Aang and Katara, Sokka and the musical group.

Aang and Katara end up trusting in love which lights a path for them in the cave. A trail of luminous crystals shows them the path out of the cave. 

Aang’s feelings root even deeper. 

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 Before The Invasion 

Aang and Katara grow dangerously close, and before the invasion, they share a passionate kiss. It seemed like all was looking at this point, but the heavy loss they suffer would set any moves to their love backward a little. 

A few months later, Aang is plagued by the mixed signals he is receiving. Katara is carrying so much anger and sadness, not looking like she has any love in her. 

When the team goes to see the Ember Island Actors perform the play, The Boy in the Iceberg, Aang and Katara have a conversation where he wants to know where he stands. He says he thought they would be together after they kissed. Katara says she is confused, but Aang ends up kissing her anyway. She snaps and tells him that she said she was confused. 

But this wouldn’t deter Aang. After he defeats the Fire Lord and the balance is restored, he and Katara are seen on the balcony of the Jasmine Dragon.

Due to a century spent frozen in an iceberg while in the Avatar state, much of Aang’s life force was drained.

This led to him aging rapidly in his later years before dying at the relatively young age of 66, unfortunately, before any of his grandchildren were born. His wife, Katara, lived on for at least another 16 years after his death, as did his old friends Zuko and Toph. Aang was succeeded as the Avatar by Korra, a member of the Southern Water Tribe who is trained in the art of waterbending by Katara.

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Aang and Katara’s Love

Just outside of the Jasmine Dragon, the two shared a warm embrace and a kiss. Unlike the past kisses, which were mostly kisses on the cheek, Katara threw her arms around Aang’s neck and initiated a more passionate kiss than they had ever shared before. By doing so, Katara showed that her romantic feelings were entirely mutual, and the two began a long-term romantic relationship.

The two eventually get married, and they have wonderful children. 

Katara’s love for and protection of Aang remained evident a year later. They continued their relationship and referred to each other as “sweetie.” Katara also retaliated angrily and embarrassedly whenever Sokka complained of “oogies,” apparently stemming from their constant displays of affection in front of their friends.

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