The moment where Aang and Katara kiss for the first time was one of the most awaited moments in Avatar: The Last Airbender (TV Series). Since the beginning of the TV series when Aang was discovered by Katara and Sokka, Aang felt attracted to Katara. When Aang woke up after a hundred years, the first person he saw was Katara. And he immediately wanted to do penguin sledding with her immediately.

Even when Aang offered Katar and Sokka a lift to their home on Appa. Aang was looking and smiling at Katara. To which Katara asked that why was Aang smiling at her. Aang was embarrassed at the question and replied with a question ” Was I smiling?”.

When Zuko came and attacked Katara and her tribe Aang presented himself for capture to protect her and her tribe. It was obvious that Aang liked Katara from the moment he first laid eyes on her. But Aang never had the courage to tell Katara about his feeling of love towards her. In an episode where the team goes to a fortune-teller, Aang is very excited to meet her in hopes of getting some insight into his relationship with Katara.

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Aang And Katara Kiss Moments

In this section, we will list the moments where Aang and Katara kiss in Avatar: The Last Airbender (TV Series). There were quite a few moments in the TV Series where both of the lead characters become intimate with each other. All of these moments came with their particular feelings that we will cover in this article as well.

History Of Aang and Katara

Before covering the moments where Aang and Katara kiss let’s dive into the development of their relationship over the course of the TV Series. Aang and Kataradeveloped a special bond right at the moment when they first met. With Katara instantly trusting Aang where Sokka still remained skeptical and thought of him as an agent of the Fire Nation.

When the group is traveling towards the Eastern Air Temple for the first time after Aang wakes up. He initially did not believe Sokka and Katara about the genocide of the Air Nomads. And told the group that the Nomads can not die as the Sky Bison is the only way to reach the Air Temples. And nobody except the Nomads has a Flying Bison. But when he sees the temple completely deserted and in a ruined state. He then feels extreme pain and grief.

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The reason behind this huge burden of grief was that Aang blamed himself for the killings of the Air Nomads. Because it was his responsibility to protect the people of the four nations and maintain the balance between them. He became so distraught at the loss of his family that he unwillingly entered the Avatar State. But he was comforted by Katara who told him that she and Sokka are now his family. And comforted him back to his original state.

At the season finale of the first book, Aang entered into the spirit world, and Katara stood guard to protect his body. But his body was kidnapped by Zoku despite Katara’s efforts to protect the body. When Aang finally returns after defeating Commander Zhao and his forces, Katara and Aang share a long and intimate hug.

1. Cave Of The Two Lovers

While traveling across the Earth Kingdom, Aang and Katara get trapped inside the Cave Of Two Lovers. The only way to get out of this was to trust love. They came across the tombs of Oma and Shu, the two lovers who would secretly meet in the cave. In their tomb, there were statues of them kissing with the inscription “Love Is Brightest In The Dark.” On this Katara suggested that they both kiss like Oma and Shu as it seems the only way to get out of the cave.

They kissed right when their torch is about to go off. Although, the viewers are not shown the kiss of Aang and Katara because it is implied that they kissed after the torch went off. After the kiss the cave was illuminated with shining crystals. The blushed after kissing for the first time ever and got out of the cave on the way illuminated by the crystals.

Before Aang Left To Meet Guru Pathik

After liberating Ba Sing Se from the control of Long Feng, the group separated for a short while with Toph leaving to meet her parents, and Katara staying in Ba Sing Se to plan for the attack on Fire Nation capital during the upcoming eclipse.

Aang received a letter from Guru Pathik of Eastern Air Temple stating that he can help the Aang take control of his Avatar state. Aang receives a kiss on the cheek from Katara as a sign of goodbye leaving The Avatar blushing.

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Kiss During Aang’s Daydream

Before the day of the eclipse, Aang felt extreme anxiety and could not sleep for two nights. He was so sleep-deprived that he started daydreaming. Aang expresses his love to Katara in his daydream and the two end up sharing a kiss. But was woken up by Katara herself, who ended up comforting Aang which allowed The Avatar to go to sleep before his day of the fight.

The Day Of The Invasion

On the day of the eclipse, Aang kissed Katara before the invasion. As he feared that he might not return after the invasion. Katara returned the kiss back and Aang and Katara went on to perform their respective roles in the invasion. But the invasion was failed and the two did not talk about their feelings afterward.

Ember Island

When the Team Avatar was at Ember Island, they went on to see a play based on them. In the play, Aang was portrayed as Katara’s little brother. This made Aang uncomfortable and he left the theatre. Katara found him but Aang started to discuss the feelings but Katara said that she is confused right now. To which Aang kissed her again causing her to yell at him and leave. Both of them became very tense afterward but Katar supported Aang in his fight against the Firelord Ozai nonetheless.

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Final Kiss

After Aang defeated the Fielord Ozai, both Aang and Katara attended the coronation for the new Fire Lord, Zuko and At a celebration at Iroh’s tea shop in Ba Sing Se, the two kissed passionately and finally became a couple.

It was later shown in the ending scenes that the two of them got married after the war and went on to have three children and lived happily ever after until Aang passed away at the age of 56.


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