Anyone who knows good television could easily tell you that Avatar: The Last Airbender was a show ahead of its time. Even though it was made with children in mind, it managed to capture the hearts of teens and adults as well. So great was the success that it spawned an entire franchise: from tie-in comics, toys, and even a spinoff series. The Legend of Korra may have its issues, but it is certainly a series of great classes. One thing about the show was the way it continued storylines from the predecessor: for example introducing us to Zuko’s daughter, Firelord Izumi.

However, the story of Zuko’s daughter isn’t all-encompassing, as she is a secondary character: appearing sporadically all through the series until she just doesn’t show up anymore. For fans who want to know more about the character, here are a few things about Zuko’s daughter that might interest you.

Early Life of Zuko’s Daughter

Firelord Izumi, as at the time of The Legend of Korra is the current Fire Lord of the Fire Nation; granddaughter of Ozai and Ursa, Lord Zuko’s daughter, niece of Azula and Kiyi, and mother of General Iroh. She ascended the throne in 167 AG following her father’s abdication. 

Izumi was born a princess of the Fire Nation to Fire Lord Zuko after the events of the Hundred Year War. During some point in her life, she gave birth to a son; whom she named Iroh after Zuko’s beloved uncle General Iroh.  It is revealed she also had a daughter. As Crown Princess of the Fire Nation and heir to the throne; Zuko’s daughter Izumi ascended the throne as Fire Lord after Zuko’s abdication in 167 AG. He had ruled for nearly seven decades.

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Zuko’s Daughter Izumi’s Personality

Zuko’s daughter is portrayed as having a calm and patient personality. Izumi is very conscious of the Fire Nation’s dark past and so is opposed to aggressive and unprovoked attacks on the other nations. She also takes her role as a leader seriously, showing no tolerance for humor when discussing military actions. She generally exudes a firm demeanor when people attempt to make her change her mind.

Zuko’s Daughter Is One Of Only Three Known Females In The Fire Nation Royal Family

While the Fire Nation Royal Family has quite an extensive history; one surprising fact that people should know about Zuko’s daughter is the fact that she is one of just three females that have been a part of the Royal Family in the Fire Nation. The other two are her aunt Azula and her unnamed daughter. 

This somewhat strange fact is what makes the next entry on this list an achievement that is so impressive.

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Izumi Is The First Ever Female Fire Lord

Sure, you might want to argue that Azula was briefly the Fire Lord after her father Ozai proclaimed himself as the phoenix king. But that didn’t last long, and there was no official coronation to confirm this. This makes Zuko’s daughter the first ever female to take the mantle of Fire Lord of the Fire Nation; and the official records show that as well. 

It is a landmark achievement and shows how much the Avatar series has progressed since its inception way back in 2005. By supporting inclusion and gender equality, the franchise has shown its all progressive nature; which is a really good sight to see.

Zuko’s Daughter Is One Of The Most Patient And Calmest Fire Lords In History

The Fire Nation has had its fair share of insanely despicable leaders in its bloody history. These persons have time and time again plunged the world into endless conflict; and only after Zuko’s ascension did things begin to change. To fully round up the Fire Nation’s redemption, Zuko’s daughter becoming Fire Lord marked a turning point for the Fire Nation and its relations to the world.

In Izumi, the Fire Nation finally had a ruler that possessed a calm head; who could take every situation calmly, opting to analyze them instead of resorting to brute force and power.  

It was just what the doctor ordered for the Fire Nation, a much-needed change in leadership.

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Zuko’s Daughter Is Conscious About The Bloody History Of The Fire Nation

The Fire Nation was at the center of most conflicts for the longest time in the Avatar series, with most people pointing their fingers at them when it came to highlighting the atrocities committed at that time.

Izumi was painfully aware of this history and has always tried to lead her nation away from any conflict to prevent itself from repeating history. This was much required and shows how much the Fire Nation has evolved under her rule

It Is Not Confirmed If She Is A Firebender Or Not

For someone who commands so much respect in The Legend Of Korra, it is truly astounding that no one can confirm or deny whether Izumi can even firebend in the first place.

All signs point towards the fact that she can — given the strong genes in her family — but, without any concrete statement, one can’t really give a definitive answer to this question.

Zuko’s Daughter Takes Her Responsibilities As A Leader Very Seriously

But of course, a person like Izumi was bound to generate progress in the nation she was leading. After all, when it comes to being a leader, Izumi is someone that shouldn’t be trifled with.

She takes her responsibilities as a Fire Lord extremely seriously, refusing to bow down to any demands that aren’t in sync with the best interests of her nation. This determined nature is partly what has contributed to her being a great leader.

She Had A Great Relationship With Avatar Aang

Of course, as is the case with any level-headed leader, it was only a given that Fire Lord Izumi would maintain cordial relations with the Avatar — it was in her best interests, after all.

However, according to her son General Iroh, it seems that their bond was more than just a diplomatic one; Aang and Izumi were very close friends, which is quite a refreshing piece of information indeed.

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Zuko’s Daughter Maintained Cordial Relations With The Southern Water Tribe

After all the atrocities that The Fire Nation had committed against the Water Tribes, it was only a given that Fire Lord Izumi would’ve had to perform some serious damage control to prevent things from escalating even further after the war was called.

She managed to accomplish the same in splendid fashion; creating a stable alliance with the Southern Water Tribe that would last for quite some time.

It’s Been Rumored That Her Mother Is Mai

While the identity of Zuko’s wife and Izumi’s mother might not have been revealed outright; one can confidently say that Mai is her mother.

After all, their appearances are a bit too similar for it to be just a coincidence; and the finale of Avatar: The Last Airbender; was more than clear about the fact that Zuko and Mai would be a couple for the long haul.

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Zuko’s Daughter’s Role In Book Four Of The Legend Of Korra Was Supposed To Be Larger Role

Book Four is one of the most intense chapters in Korra’s journey, and it was definitely an entertaining watch for the most part. However, it did come at the cost of some side characters not getting as much screen time as they should’ve.

This can be seen in the fact that showrunners Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko; wanted to put a greater emphasis on Izumi’s character but had to change course so that the narrative would be focused on the central conflict. Perhaps this was a wise decision in hindsight, but it came at the cost of Izumi’s character being sidelined; for the most part.

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