One of the most exciting aspects of Avatar: The Last Airbender is the Team Avatar. Avatar Aang is accompanied by a group of friends he can always rely on. They guide him through his challenges throughout the series. The team served as the guiding light for Aang to fulfill his destiny to defeat the Firelord Max Ozai. And this aspect was followed up by introducing a Team Avatar in The Legend of Korra. And Mako was an integral part of this new team Avatar that we get to see in The Legend of Korra.

The other members of this new team were Mako’s brother, Bolin and Asami Sato, the daughter of Hiroshi Sato of Hiroshi industries. Hiroshi Sato was exposed for supporting the equalists and was ultimately arrested by The Republic City Police. However, he later became remorseful at his doings and only wanted to be close to his only daughter Asami. But in this article, we will look at Mako and how he became a member of Team Avatar.

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Early Life

In The Legend of Korra, we see that Mako had quite a tragic childhood as he had to witness the death of his parents while he was very young. And was left alone with his younger brother Bolin. At such a young age, he had the responsibility of taking care of himself and his brother. And to do so, he resorted to any means necessary. Both the brothers pulled small-time scams and used to hustle money and some food through these scams. But still spent days even without eating even a loaf of bread.

While running these scams, they came in contact with the Triple Threat Triad, and while visiting the Triad’s headquarters, they saw a Triad leader Shady Sin bribing a Pro-bending player named Toza. Bolin was visibly upset at the idea of Toza fixing a Pro-bending match and convinced him not to throw the game away. But when Toza won instead of losing, Bolin accidentally revealed his involvement in Toza’s win. This made Shady Sin enraged, and he went after both Mako and Bolin. And attacked them after cornering them. Toza was witnessing this encounter and was very impressed with the brothers’ resistance against Sin. He eventually broke up the fight.

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To offered both of them to train at his gym and become Pro-benders. Mako was initially hesitant at the idea but agreed after Toza said they should abandon their criminal lives. And Mako being the elder one, should look after both of them and do what is right. They eventually became Pro-bending players, and Mako became the captain of a team called Fire Ferrets.

Meeting With Korra

Korra was already a fan of Pro-bending when she escaped from The Southern Water Tribe to come to Republic City. So when she was settling in The Air Temple Island, she went to the arena to overcome her boredom. She became a part of the Fire Ferrets after their member Hasook abandoned the team. Korra ultimately helped them win the match and qualify for the Pro-bending tournament, and became friends with the brothers. Sometime later Bolin was kidnapped by Equalists, and Korra and Mako set out to find him. It was on this mission that Korra witnessed Amon stripping a bender of his bending ability for the first time when he took Mako’s bending away.

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Korra was later able to restore Mako’s bending. The team needed finances to support their team througout the Pro-bending tournament. And it was Asami that helped the get sponsored by Future Industries. After Asami’s father was arrested for aiding the Equalists, Asami also came to live at the Air Temple Island. Together they defeated Amon by exposing him as a waterbender. However, after his followers saw his bending ability they stopped supporting him and he ultimately was escaped and killed in an explosion.

Later Adventures

After the Equalists movement was defeated in The Legend of Korra, Mako joined the Republic City Polic Department as a beat cop. But because of his abilities, he immediately rose through the ranks as one of the best the Police had to offer. Mako rejoined Korra when she went to Southern Water Tribe and stayed with her throughout the Unalaq crisis when Dark Avatar was created.

He rejoined the Police only to join Korra to defeat the Red Lotus. He also played an important role and helped Korra throughout the season. In the final season, he was selected by Wu as his bodyguard until his coronation as the Earth King at Ba Sing Se. And even protected Wu when he was on the run following Kuvira’s refusal to accept Wu as the King.

And also helped in rescuing the Beifongs when Kuvira kidnaped them. He also helped in the final fight against Kuvira.

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Mako had a very brooding type of personality because of his challenging childhood. He is indifferent toward most things. But has a kind heart. All of this aloofness is because of the tough persona he had developed through his years on the street. He always keeps a scarf that his father used with him as his father’s last memory.

And although he never forgot his time on the streets, Mako did soften over time and became more considerate of others. And also started to show signs of emotions more frequently, as evidenced when he gave his treasured scarf to his grandmother, Yin, reasoning that she needed the reminder of her son more than him.


He initially developed a romantic relationship with Korra. But was later trapped in the emotional triangle with Asami and Korra. Ultimately Korra and Asami ditched Mako and started their own relationship. This was the first time an LGBT relationship was portrayed in a mainstream TV show.

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