Just who did Zuko marry? The question of who the Avatar The Last Airbender character ended up with after the show ended its run; has plagued the fan base since time immemorial. Unfortunately that question has never quite been answered; but there is a list of likely suspects. 

Here’s a rundown of who it could have been to answer the question “who did Zuko marry?”

Who Did Zuko Marry

There is a huge gap between Avatar The Last Airbender and Avatar The Legend of Korra. What this means for many side characters and minor questions, is that they have been left unnoticed and unanswered. Some of them may indeed have been addressed in the follow up comics; such as The Search

The time-gap between the two Avatar shows, The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra, means that many side-characters and minor questions about the franchise have been left unanswered. Some of them have been taken care of; thanks to the sequel series, but one of them still remains a mystery.

As we saw in Legend of Korra, there is confirmation that Zuko eventually had children, leading to the birth of his daughter Izumi, who in turn had two children of her own. We did meet one of them, a soldier by the name of Iroh; who is a nod to Zuko’s uncle and father figure, General Iroh in the Legend of Korra. 

But Izumi’s mother has never been confirmed in official canon; and while the series ends with Zuko and Mai together – there is the possibility that it’s not who we expected. So, let’s take a look at all of Zuko’s past and potential love interests; and see if we can figure out the answer to a burning question, who did Zuko marry?

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Who did Zuko Marry: Katara

With Katara and Zuko, we had one of the strongest ships in the franchise; albeit potential. They might have started out as fierce enemies; and we saw Zuko often attacking her. At some point, he resorted to even holding her hostage in an attempt to lure out the Avatar. 

However, they both found a moment of empathy together when they were captured at the end of the second season. It didn’t last long, as this was lost when Zuko chose to side with Azula in the final battle. She would go on to be the last member of Team Avatar to trust Zuko and welcome him to their team in Book Three. 

Despite the wishes of many fans, the relationship never happened; but it seemed as though it wasn’t just the fans that saw something. The  relationship was even teased as a concept in the farce stage production “Ember Island Players.” However, as we all know, Katara ended up with Aang, not Zuko.

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Who Did Zuko Marry: Jin

Zuko was also briefly involved with a young woman from the Earth Kingdom named Jin. While he and Uncle Iroh were hiding out in Ba Sing Se as refugees; Zuko had assumed her behavior was because she was a spy. Iroh explained that instead she was simply interested in him. They even went on a date that turned out well; which is a lot when you consider Zuko being Zuko. 

Unfortunately after they kissed, Zuko ended the date abruptly. They wouldn’t see each other until one more time in canon, after the fall of the Earth Empire in a short comic story titled “Going Home Again.” She saw him with Mai, and asked who she was. Mai used Jin to terrify Zuko with a knife-throwing trick. The moment then led directly to Mai and Zuko beginning a romantic relationship, suggesting that he moved past his brief flirtation with Jin and it’s unlikely she ever saw him again.

Who did Zuko Marry: Mai

Who Did Zuko Marry

Anyone who is anyone knows that Mai is Zuko’s most consistent romantic interest. She is one of Azula’s only friends; and we meet her as she is accompanying Azula during her hunt for Iroh and Zuko. She helps Azula take down the Earth Kingdom eventually — and upon Zuko being given the credit for taking down Aang, their relationship resumes in full swing and he is restored as the prince.

Their relationship is one of the only things that Zuko appreciates in his life once he returns to the Fire Nation, but he leaves her to join Aang and teach him how to Firebend before his battle with Ozai. Even though she was furious with Zuko, Mai refused to let Azula kill him. This landed her, along with Ty Lee, who refused to let Azula hurt Mai, in prison. However, she was released upon Ozai and Azula’s defeat. At the end of the series, we see her and the newly crowned Fire Lord Zuko resuming their relationship.

Their relationship initially continued into the sequel comics but ran into some serious problems quickly. When she discovered that Zuko had been meeting his father for advice without telling her, she became enraged and ended their relationship. She even tries to move on with another boy named Kei Lo

. But the discovery that he actually works for her father as a member of the terroristic New Ozai Society puts a serious strain on their relationship. The two were briefly able to make things work – especially as Kei Lo turned on her father and became an informant for Mai on their actions – and she even defended him to Zuko. But by the end of “Smoke and Shadow” the pair broke off their relationship.

She’s also been hinted to still have complicated feelings for Zuko. While they haven’t gotten back together yet in the sequel comics, there’s a good chance they resumed where they left off and eventually had a family together. She is the most likely person to be the mother of Izumi. 

However, there’s one more person; a surprise candidate really, that could be the answer to “Who did Zuko Marry?”

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Suki is the leader of the Kyoshi warriors when we are introduced to her in the series. She became a dedicated member of Team Avatar along the line; and even started a relationship with Sokka. While she and Zuko were enemies from the point that he and his men attacked Kyoshi Island; just like the rest of Team Avatar, she came to trust him after he helped rescue her from the Boiling Rock prison. By the time the series ended, Suki was a fully recognized member of Team Avatar and the leader of the freed Kyoshi Warriors.

The sequel comics show her and Zuko growing closer. As we see in “The Promise,” Mai arranges for the Kyoshi Warriors to guard Zuko when he becomes the target of an assassination plot. She became extra concerned about his welfare; especially since she was the one who revealed that Zuko had been secretly seeing Ozai to Mai. She felt incredibly guilty and began to offer emotional support to Zuko. 

Although she is mostly supportive of Zuko getting back together with Mai, and it is clear she is still with Sokka; she and Zuko’s closeness in the sequel comics suggests they might be more compatible than anyone expected. It would be an unexpected swerve, but it could easily lead to the measured but determined Izumi. Maybe Suki indeed is the answer to who did Zuko Marry?

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