Team Avatar certainly did a lot of travelling in their day, and this applies to both incarnations of the Team as seen in The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra. With the world very vast and hazardous, surely they must have had something to use as a guide. And rightfully so, they did. Right up there is the Avatar The Last Airbender map. 

But this map isn’t just a guide through Aang’s world. It also shows the world he created after the Hundred Year War, as well as various key monuments and locations where important events took place. 

Our version of the map is numbered, but not to worry, it’s to help you pinpoint where is where, and what exactly is what. The known lands in the world are shown here. The specific locations of certain landmarks are marked down as well. Each marking is represented by something. You can find out what is used to mark a location in the map legend below as follows.

Avatar The Last Airbender Map Legend

The legend for the Avatar the Last Airbender map are as follows;

  • The zoomed-in square holding numbers 62 to 69 marks the different locations in Republic City.
  • The blue circles represent the locations that the original Team Avatar visited in their journeys in the Winter of 99 AG
  • The green circles represent all the locations that the original Team Avatar visited during the Spring of 100 AG.
  • The red circles are the locations that the original Team Avatar visited in their journeys in the Summer of 100 AG
  • The gold circles are a representation of the locations that Korra visits in 170 AG.

Locations On The Avatar The Last Airbender Map

The entire series and the events that transpired therein took place in the numbered locations on the map. Each of the numbers represents a particular place on the Avatar The Last Airbender Map. You can match the number to the location below.

Show Love and Respect to Appa

When you see the map of the world you quickly understand how much Team Avatar had to travel. A lot of the show would not have been possible or as exciting without Appa because they would not have been able to get all over the world so quickly.

Appa really carried the team on his back. There are some episodes where they have to travel from the Fire Nation to the western air temple. They also had to to go from the Earth Kingdom to the Fire Nation which is no small distance. All of these world travels are due to the Appa.

The Earth Kingdom is Massive

The Earth Kingdom is similar to Africa. It does not get enough respect for the size it is. On the flip side of this, you would think that the Fire Nation was this massive set of land but it really was not. It also explains why they were so hungry to expand and take over the Earth Kingdom.

People always want to have the most land to represent the most power. The Fire Nation was not as most would think. In our world Africa is the largest continent by far but many will make it look smaller than it is in order to make more powerful countries look bigger.

Blue Circles On The Avatar the Last Airbender Map

  1. Southern Water Tribe
  2. Southern Air Temple
  3. Patola Mountains
  4. Kyoshi Island
  5. Omashu
  6. Mining village
  7. Senlin Village
  8. Mo Ce Sea
  9. Crescent Island
  10. Seedy merchants pier
  11. Gaipan
  12. Great Divide
  13. Harbor town
  14. Taku
  15. Pohuai Stronghold
  16. Makapu Village
  17. Abbey
  18. Fire Nation colonial village
  19. Northern Air Temple
  20. Northern Water Tribe

Green Circles On The Avatar the Last Airbender Map

  1. General Fong’s fortress
  2. Cave of Two Lovers
  3. Kolau Mountains
  4. Foggy Swamp
  5. Chin Village
  6. Gaoling
  7. Plains village
  8. Tu Zin
  9. Quarry campsite
  10. Library
  11. Si Wong Desert
  12. Full Moon Bay
  13. Serpent’s Pass
  14. Outer wall of Ba Sing Se
  15. Ba Sing Se
  16. Agrarian Zone
  17. Lake Laogai
  18. Chameleon Bay
  19. Eastern Air Temple
  20. Earth Kingdom Royal Palace

Red Circles On The Avatar the Last Airbender Map

  1. Fire Nation bazaar
  2. Jang Hui
  3. Shu Jing
  4. Ember Island
  5. Roku’s Island
  6. Fire Fountain City
  7. Hama’s village
  8. Black Cliffs
  9. Great Gates of Azulon
  10. Fire Nation capital
  11. Fire Nation Royal Palace
  12. Western Air Temple
  13. Sun Warriors’ ancient city
  14. Boiling Rock
  15. Yon Rha’s village
  16. Wulong Forest

White Circles On The Map

  1. Eastern Sea
  2. Whaletail Island
  3. This was Aang’s favorite spot to ride elephant koi
  4. Aang’s favorite spot to ride hopping llamas
  5. Represents Aang’s favorite spot to ride hog monkeys

Gold Circles On The Map

  1. Air Temple Island
  2. Aang Memorial Island
  3. Pro-bending Arena
  4. Police headquarters
  5. City hall
  6. Avatar Korra Park]
  7. Central City Station
  8. Future Industries

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