Since the very beginning of The Legend of Korra, we are aware our dear friend Aang is dead. We all have a special nostalgia for the first avatar we met. We ended up with a lot of questions after The Last Airbender finale but with the sequel’s release, we can grasp a lot of information regarding the world of Avatar and answer some questions about our dear protagonists. Today we are focusing on Avatar Aang’s Family Tree and how it grew.

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Avatar Aang’s Family Tree Back to The Original Show

As we recall on the events from ATLA during the 100 years Aang was frozen in an iceberg, the Fire Nation attacked the air nomads committing a genocide that almost exterminated all the nomads but Aang. From the first moment, Aang realizes that he yields a heavyweight on his shoulders. He was the last member of a whole culture. Even though this seemed like a secondary problem, once the 100 years’ war ended Aang started to create a family to reconstruct the airbenders.

Along with the series we get to see a sparkling love between Aang and Katara. When they first meet in the Southern Water Tribe they start an innocent friendship that evolves with time into a complex relationship. Once fire lord Ozai was defeated we can watch Aang and Katara finally kissing and starting a long-lasting relationship.

The Legend of Korra and The New Family Ties

Once the Legend of Korra started we got more details about our friend’s doings. Aang was dead. However, he made sure he had decent offspring. We can see an older Katara who at this point has seen both his husband the Avatar and his brother Sokka. We can also see the many children she had with Aang; three children, Bumi, Kya, and Tenzin.


Bumi was the first and eldest of Aang’s children. He was born without bending abilities which made him somehow distant from his father who was focused on affairs like his avatar duties and preserving the air culture. Bumi was a military officer who got to the position of commander of the Second Division of the United Forces. Even though Bumi lived his entire life as a nonbender after the Harmonic Convergence he got airbending abilities.


Kya is the second of Aang and Katara’s children. She is a waterbender who traveled the world earning herself a name as a famous healer. We can infer from the series Kya had a closer relationship with her mother. She settled down in the Southern Water Tribe with Katara. As we could watch in Korra’s second season Kya and Bumi felt kind of left behind in comparison with Tenzin, who was an airbender, by their father. One bond she shares with her father is her spiritualism. Kya can feel changes in the auras and locate people.


Tenzin was Aang and Katara’s third child. As some say third time’s a charm and Tenzin, the third son was an airbender. As we can see during Korra’s second season in comparison with his brothers Tenzin did have a different relationship with his father. As we know, Aang was focused on his avatar duties, along with the recovery of the air culture. Tenzin could spend more time with Aang since he trained him in the air customs along with airbending.

Avatar Aang’s Family Tree Grows Further With His Grandkids

Tenzin is the only son who is already a father. We can see Tenzin took very seriously the responsibility of continuing with the air culture. From the very introduction of the character, we also meet his wife Pema, who is a nonbender but with whom he has four children: Jinora, Ikki, Meelo, and Rohan. Since they’re the last airbenders before the Harmonic Convergence they are very devoted to the air nomad’s culture.


Jinora is the elder of Tenzin and Pema’s children. She is the youngest full airbender known before the Harmonic Convergence and has a quiet personality along with a natural affinity with spirits. She became Avatar Korra’s spiritual guide during the spirit book of the series and have a good relationship with all her relatives even though her siblings upset her sometimes.


is Tenzin and Pema’s middle child. She has an outgoing personality, really relatable to air nomads’ stereotypes of joyfulness and easygoingness. She dominated air bending and even though during The Legend of Korra she was not a full airbender she mastered abilities like the air scooter created by her grandfather.


Meelo is the first boy of the gang and he is completely hilarious. Even though he is young we can see him using airbending techniques during all his appearances and also working as a comic relief every time he appeared on the screen. Behind Meelo’s childish and goofy personality we can find a very talented artist and an adaptive learner who was able to learn how to train not one lemur but every lemur on the Southern Air Temple.


Rohan is the youngest of Aang and Katara’s grandchildren. When we are first introduced to Pema she is pregnant with Rohan in the first season of the Legend of Korra. She gave birth to him during an attack of the equalists to the Air Island. As the Legend of Korra ended Rohan was still a baby so we do not have information regarding his abilities or personality but at the moment of today, he is the youngest of Aang’s progeny.

Final Thoughts On Avatar Aang’s Family Tree

When we first met Aang in the first show he was just a child himself. We joined him during his adventures to end the 100-year war and defeat the Fire Nation but as we said, after those events, his life continued and he had to focus on different problems. Fortunately, Aang found love in Katara, and together they formed a big and exotic family.

The weight of maintaining themselves a whole culture got a little bit easier after the Harmonic Convergence where several non bender citizens acquired new airbending abilities, restoring the balance between the four elements. We don’t know if Avatar Aang’s family tree could still get bigger but we are sure he would love to see the family he began.

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