No doubt seeing Aang with hair was definitely a sight that caught most viewers by surprise, considering when we left him he was left for dead in the season 2 book two finale. In the season 2 finale, we see Aang in a keen showdown facing off Azula and Zuko.

The end result was a life-threatening and brutal injury.  Under normal circumstances, this would be the end, but with The Avatar, you know there’s always endless possibilities. With Katara’s healing abilities, Aang was able to recover; albeit slowly. In the time he takes to get back to his feet, we actually see a change in his appearance. What wakes up is Aang with hair. Aang grows out his hair and starts sporting a new outfit.

Up until this happens, what we are used to is Aang in his signature look: the bald head, distinctive arrow tattoos and that orange monk outfit. But for most of season three, we grow accustomed to the hair and robe, which now represent the new maturity of Aang. It is really a new chapter as Aang with hair gets a step closer to taking on the evil Fire Lord Ozai. 

Surprisingly, Aang with hair makes a lot of sense when you get used to the idea. He pulls it off quite well. Here are some of the best pictures of Aang with hair on the internet.

Aang With Hair: Blushy Face

In this picture, we see a bashful Aang in full fire nation army regalia.

In this picture of Aang with hair, we see a bashful Aang already in Fire Nation Academy regalia. If all memory serves correctly, he looks this way because he has just seen Katara in her Fire Nation disguise as well. If ever his crush on his teammate was ever so obvious, this was definitely one of those moments.

Aang With Hair: The Awakening

In the first episode of the third season, the Book of Fire; titled The Awakening, a previously injured Aang wakes up to find himself on a Fire Nation Navy ship. No doubt he is completely left bewildered, because this would mean he has just been captured by his worst enemies. Luckily, he comes to the realisation that he is indeed on a Fire Nation Navy ship, but it is under the control of his friends and allies. That must have been completely relieving but there are more surprises in store for the Avatar. 

He soon realises that a lot of time has passed, and with that a lot of change as well; Team Avatar has reunited with Chief Hakoda and the rest of the Water Nation Army and they are planning to attack the Fire Nation. Oh, there’s also the Aang with hair realisation. He surely didn’t see that coming.

Meditation Aang

Aang loves to meditate. It’s a monk thing, actually. To be honest, it’s the way he gets in touch with his inner self, and sometimes it is his passage into the spirit when he needs to clear his head or seek some much needed advice.

We have seen Aang meditate so many times in his usual regalia, but Aang with hair meditating adds a different touch to it. It’s like a new person has been found, but there is still a familiar feel. Whatever the case may be, one thing remains, Aang will always be in touch with his spirit self; with hair or not.

Bowing Aang With Hair

If there is anybody who is totally respectful of people’s cultures and beliefs, it’s Aang. He believes in the harmonification of all tribes; and why not; he is afterall, the Avatar. But we see this brought to the test when Team Avatar is behind enemy lines in the Fire Nation. Despite the evil that the war has done to the rest of the world, Aang with hair still shows the utmost respect to all those who he comes across.  He does not take it against them, but maintains his pacifist nature all-round.

Aang With Hair: Nightmares And Daydreams

This picture of Aang with hair comes from Avatar: The Last Airbender: Season 3, Episode 9; titled ‘Nightmares and Daydreams’. The plot synopsis reads:

“On the eve of the eclipse, Aang’s anxiety gets the better of him. His dreams become nightmares, and soon he can no longer tell dream from reality”

That’s why Aang looks so exhausted. He has been unable to sleep due to anxiety stemming from the incoming invasion slated for the day of the solar eclipse. As tired as he looks though; the fuzzy Aang with hair look compliments the storyline quite well, as we see him go through various hallucinations. We even get to see him in more than one do, proving that Aang with hair is a very versatile look.

Aang With Hair: “Kuzon” From Abigail Webster

Everyone remembers the name Aang took when he entered the Fire Nation; and that’s Kuzon. In this amazing fan art from Abigail Webster, we see Aang with hair, and a curious Momo on his shoulder. It’s a really detailed piece, and looks to depict Aang in his much older teen years, as opposed to what we see in the show and the tie-in comics.

Dreamy Eyed Aang With Hair

Need we say more really? Aang looks like a snack in this fan art, and there is just something about those blue eyes that sucks you in deep. No wonder Katara couldn’t stay away. No doubt anyone in her shoes would be easily carried away by this cute innocent look.

Excited Aang With Hair

Aang is clearly excited by something in this picture, and you can just tell that he’ll burst into a rush of energy the next moment. He usually has this look when he has just discovered something exotic or fun; and it is in these moments we realise that Aang is really just a kid with a lot of responsibilities on his shoulders. At his core he just wants to goof around.

Aang In The Awakening Fan Art

The Awakening was one of the darkest episodes of the Avatar series, considering it could have very well been the episode where Aang finally bit it. We see him go through a particular type of anguish; one similar to the same thing he felt when he realised he had been frozen for about a hundred years.

It is in this same episode that he finally puts the air glider to rest after it gets bashed in a storm he gets caught in. Right beside him is Momo of course, who always finds himself involved in these types of situations. 

Goofy Aang

Rounding off our list is this funny picture of Aang with hair, obviously up to no good. But with Aang it is always good and clean fun; and nobody gets hurt. He really is a bundle of energy when he wants to be. 

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