So you’ve got cosplay ideas, and you’re not quite sure on what to go with or who to go as. Well, maybe you have and you’re eyeing an Aang costume. The problem is you have absolutely no idea how you should go about it, and now you’re stuck on what to do. 

As always, we’ve got you covered with what to do about your Aang costume, so you don’t have to break a sweat. We’ve got costume guides on what you need and how you need to go about with the perfect Avatar costume. 

In this article, we’ll be covering two of the most popular characters of the franchise. They are members of the original Team Avatar and perhaps are the two most cosplayed characters ever. Here’s your Aang Costume Guide to help you dress just like Avatar Aang.

Aang Costume: How To Dress Like Aang

Dressing like Aang might look like a lot of work; but it is an Aang costume that you can pull off easily with the right materials. So, before we get on with what you need in your Avatar costume wardrobe, let’s dive into the character himself so you can get a sense of his type of person. After all, how a person dresses usually determines what kind of person they are.

About Aang

Aang is a merrymaking kid, adventurous, and perhaps a little naive as well. Possessing keen respect for personal independence and life, he does not eat meat and is at times very reluctant to engage in conflict. Constantly craving the stimulation of new surroundings and people, he is often distracted and will take detours much to the annoyance of his friends and foes.

Discouraged by the weight of his responsibilities, Aang often longed for the simplicity of those people’s lives. This did not stop him from building an impressive collection of friends and contacts, spanning the four nations. A love for animals drew his attention to the different variations found in each region.

Even with a carefree facade, the weight of his responsibilities was burdensome to Aang. The reality of being the last Airbender left him without any realistic peers. He often felt alone. It was these struggles that pushed Aang to nurture his relationships with others as without them; he would be very much alone in his role.

Aang Costume: Items You Will Need

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These are all the items you’ll need to recreate the Aang costume, as seen from Seasons 1 to 2, and then in the latter parts of Season 3

Aang costume options can either be in partial clothing, as seen in the final battle with Fire Lord Ozai, or on the Day of the Invasion; or in full clothing, as seen in the rest of the series. Aang can be played by both male and female cosplayers, as he is a very versatile character. The bald cap will help to stimulate the monk haircut, so you don’t have to worry about cutting your hair. 

If you’re going for a look with partial clothing then you have the choice of going shirtless and painting on his symbols or wearing just a sash over a bare chest. Then you can just paint on his head arrow symbol. Brown, wide-legged pants with either colored tights or tall boots will take care of what little clothing is required for this look.

For full coverage, a yellow tunic can be made or purchased online (we have added an Amazon link just to make your task easier).

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